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Ed Hinchliffe
@SimenB thanks - that makes sense for the {} case, but I'm not sure what's wrong then when I use the default config from the readme and try it on a file
Simen Bekkhus
do you send the config file as an argument, or .stylintrc?
Ed Hinchliffe
as a .stylintrc
I'm probably doing something obvious wrong, I just can't see it..
Ed Hinchliffe


  "globalDupes": true


  margin 0
  margin 5px


Stylint version: 1.3.6
ed@helix:~/dev/test$ stylint test.styl 

ed@helix:~/dev/test$ rm .stylintrc 
ed@helix:~/dev/test$ stylint test.styl 
Warning: missing colon between property and value
File: test.styl
Line: 2: margin 0

Warning: missing colon between property and value
File: test.styl
Line: 3: margin 5px

Stylint: 0 Errors.
Stylint: 2 Warnings.
Simen Bekkhus
hmm, yeah, I'm able to reproduce
could you create an issue?
if nothing else, it's an error in the docs
Ed Hinchliffe
Yeah sure - I thought I'd check it wasn't just me first.
Ed Hinchliffe
Dylan Kirby
Is it possible to exclude a directory?
Oleksandr Hutsulyak
Hi guys. Did anyone experienced "no output" from running stylint command?
It looks like "hanging" for 9 minutes now, and is easily terminated with ctrl+c
When trying to lint specific folder - works fine, but when trying to lint whole project - gives no output
Btw, here is my .stylintrc:
  "borderNone": false,
  "blocks": "always",
  "brackets": "always",
  "colons": "always",
  "colors": false,
  "commaSpace": "always",
  "commentSpace": false,
  "cssLiteral": "never",
  "depthLimit": false,
  "duplicates": true,
  "efficient": "always",
  "exclude": [],
  "extendPref": "@extend",
  "globalDupe": false,
  "indentPref": 2,
  "leadingZero": "never",
  "maxErrors": false,
  "maxWarnings": false,
  "mixed": false,
  "namingConvention": false,
  "namingConventionStrict": false,
  "none": "always",
  "noImportant": false,
  "parenSpace": "never",
  "placeholders": false,
  "prefixVarsWithDollar": "always",
  "quotePref": "single",
  "semicolons": "always",
  "sortOrder": "alphabetical",
  "stackedProperties": "never",
  "trailingWhitespace": "never",
  "universal": false,
  "valid": true,
  "zeroUnits": "never",
  "zIndexNormalize": false
Simen Bekkhus
do you call stylint . or just stylint?
I'm not sure if node_modules are ignored by default either...
Oleksandr Hutsulyak
tried stylint and stylint app/src and stylint app/src --reporter stylint-stylish
directory has lots of subdirectories and files of different types
Simen Bekkhus
try doing stylint ., might work better. Either way, should probably create an issue
Oleksandr Hutsulyak
Is there any possibility to run it as --verbal to see a stack trace?
This message was deleted
I believe I see a dependency here
When I'm trying to run stylint for a directory, which directly doesn't have any stylesheets, but has'em only in a sub-directories, then it starts hanging without any errors
Simen Bekkhus
There's not any verbose mode, no
Oleksandr Hutsulyak
I'll try to describe everything in a ticket
Simen Bekkhus
@rossPatton any chance you could add the webhook to this room, so that stuff shows up on the right under activities?
Oleksandr Hutsulyak
@SimenB will do
Simen Bekkhus
Andrew Smirnov
@rossPatton hey, can stylint lint files @imported in stylinted file?
Simen Bekkhus
It doesn't follow imports, no
Andrew Smirnov
it's a pity, very needed stuff, @rossPatton, do you plan to add support of it?
@rossPatton I was wondering whether your styling tool has an autofix option
For example, to auto sort properties.
@rossPatton is it possible to automatically fix the errors when running as a package.json script?
or do you know of anything that will do this for me?
Joakim Bugge
Will v2 support linting in <style>? I'm specifically looking for linting in single file Vue components that use <style lang="stylus">.
I got a question about using stylint in cmd
is there a --max-warning 0 option to stop CI proces when it doeas ??
Project still maintained?
Hi, I
I have a submit SimenB/stylint#447, and this is the fixture for the Low vulnerability of "brances", and I don't know why this caused the latest version of Nodejs (v11.x) failed to pass...What's more:there're quite a lot of packages too old to use.
It seems there're some submits aren't reviewed for ages……
@SimenB : As discussed in SimenB/stylint#448, Nodejs's member Trott has fixed this bug, so you can merge this first and then merge my submit at SimenB/stylint#447 and someone else at SimenB/stylint#445