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Jul 2016
David Mazvovsky
Jul 06 2016 15:27
Hello, is there a way to work with Watir on ruby, like phantomjs?
Does this project supports Selenium protocol
Sammy Yu
Jul 06 2016 18:34
hi guys I noticed that nightmare.useragent () that is set isn't inherited to browser frames that are opened with Is there a way to enforce this?
Kenta Iwasaki
Jul 06 2016 20:13
Hey guys, just wanted to ask about how well downloading files is supported
Been trying to download off this PDF on a site which ensures an user must be logged in via. cookies and I've been getting a blank PDF
Disabled web security, and have tried use XMLHttpRequest
Kenta Iwasaki
Jul 06 2016 20:20
After allowing NightmareJS to pause and manually hitting the download button, I get a blank screen rather than PDF unlike on Google Chrome as well