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Jul 2016
Maxwell Zhao
Jul 07 2016 03:37
@Dranithix Thats because google chrome has a built-in pdf viewer, and I believe electron doesn't.
Kenta Iwasaki
Jul 07 2016 05:50
No downloader either?
Jul 07 2016 15:45
hey does anyone know if nightmare can run on multiple instances.
will they clash with each other??
if i create
var bot1 = new nightmareInstance(), 
var bot2 = new nightmareInstance()
Rob Brackett
Jul 07 2016 18:55
@mingsterism that will work fine—separate instances are completely separate, so you don't have to worry about things happening simultaneously like you do when trying to do several things on the same instance
you can make as many as your computer will reasonably handle
no upper limit, but consider each one to be, say, 1.5x the load of having a tab open in Chrome, so you probably don't want to create too many