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Aug 2016
Jeremy Bunting
Aug 31 2016 05:12
Hey there, got what I'm hoping is a quick question I can't get my head around with Nightmare
seeing a whole bunch of this jquery nonsense in my results
2': { jQuery1472620236200: 6 }, '3': { jQuery1472620236200: 7 }, '4': { jQuery1472620236200: 8 },
page I'm scraping is using old(ish) jquery, something odd is going on right?
even if I use document.querySelectorAll, I get the same results
I suspect maybe this old version of jquery or something else on that page is clobbering global scope? jquery calls shouldn't return out of results using querySelectorAll as far as I can tell
Jeremy Bunting
Aug 31 2016 05:32
sorted it out, nevermind
Max Malm
Aug 31 2016 10:04
Hey, is there a way to use NightmareJS to get a list of all loaded resources? Like images/external javascript etc
I want to get a list of files and their sizes
But without any answer
Adam Platt
Aug 31 2016 18:32
@rosshinkley Pi3 came in. Raspbian Jessie, Nodejs 4.5.0 LTS, works like a champ!