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Sep 2016
Ross Hinkley
Sep 01 2016 22:05
@platta sweet! good to know!
@benjick hm... depends on what you want to do
there are a couple of options off the top of my head
you could use webRequest.onBeforeRequest() to snag details (akin to how nightmare-load-filter works), but you'd have to manage the state of the requested parts yourself
meaning, tracking/accruing sizes or what have you
Ross Hinkley
Sep 01 2016 22:11
you could also proxy electron
Ross Hinkley
Sep 01 2016 22:17
without looking, i wonder if the browserwindow has a context for the current page and loaded resources...
might have to tap into the debugger api though
if i have time later on, i'll poke through out of curiosity :)
Max Malm
Sep 01 2016 23:46
@rosshinkley Thank you, I didn't even know where to start looking. Cheers!