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Oct 2016
Oct 26 2016 12:26
Hi guys, I am breaking my head, I am looking for something similar to casperjs ability:
casper.on('resource.received', function(resource) {
Oct 26 2016 15:34
@Siilwyn Haha I ran your code and never again :-) It crashed... Big time! When I went to the page in question the speaker icon kept rotating and I could do a few things with dev tools but then my whole machine hung. I tried a few more URLs on and got the same result. I only started with Node/Nightmare this week so I'm afraid I'm not much help beyond telling you that you're not mad... It does crash! (Node 6, latest nightmare running on Win10 64. )
Oct 26 2016 16:45
@jomcat thank you very much for confirming it on Windows!
It seems like a serious error that's caused by a regression since it did work before.
Rob Brackett
Oct 26 2016 17:29
@saginadir You can use the did-get-response-details event:
Rob Brackett
Oct 26 2016 18:42

@Siilwyn The "circular structure" issue was likely fixed by segmentio/nightmare#747

…but you should create an issue on GitHub for the hang

Oct 26 2016 19:49
@Mr0grog did-get-response-details worked like a charm!! - Spent like 4 hours looking for this today, even wrote a casperjs fallback ( which is bad )
Rob Brackett
Oct 26 2016 21:34
@saginadir No problem! Could you close the issue in Github if that worked for you?
Rob Brackett
Oct 26 2016 21:49
@Siilwyn pretty sure your hang is related to the capturing of console.log calls. Not sure if it broke as a result of a change in Electron (hanging when it can’t serialize something across IPC) or a change in what the actual site ( is logging. Either way, even though it’s not due to a change in Nightmare, Nightmare should probably be hardened against it.
But you should file on Github, where the issue can actually be fixed