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Oct 2016
Oct 27 2016 15:56 UTC
@Mr0grog alright since it's so abstract I wanted to get some reactions here first in order to grasp what's going wrong and on which level.
If it's Electron I should open an issue on there side.
Rob Brackett
Oct 27 2016 17:27 UTC
It's not Electron! It’s definitely Nightmare.
It could have been triggered by a change in Electron (not sure; it could have also been a change in the page being loaded), but either way, it’s definitely Nightmare that is doing the bad thing here.
Well, I guess technically it’s somewhat debatable—Nightmare is trying to send all the logged arguments over IPC, which is limited in what it can take, and Electron is hanging when given a bad object (I'm not sure if it’s the deep nested looping or some other aspect of it that’s bad)
That is, there might be room for Electron to improve, but I’d say it’s also a problem that should be fixed in Nightmare. It’s very similar to segmentio/nightmare#747 in nature.