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Jan 2017
Jan 11 2017 09:39
Hi.. how do I configure nightmare to use proxy only in case of http traffic and bypass proxy in all other cases?
What I mean is.. I want to bypass the proxy for https traffic
Jan 11 2017 10:01
Resolved. This switch worked : 'proxy-bypass-list': '<local>;https://*'
Ændrew Rininsland
Jan 11 2017 17:58
Any suggestions how to wait for one of several selectors?
.wait('.SearchResultsContainer,.RecordDetails,.SearchResult,h3.noresults’); doesn’t seem to work...
Jan 11 2017 19:18
The underlying function for wait ( just uses document.querySelector so it should work in terms of it will wait for any of those to show up. If you want to wait for all of them I'd imagine you can just queue them all like .wait('.SearchResultsContainer').wait('.recordDetails').wait('.SearchResullt').wait('h3.noresults')