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Jan 2017
Jan 24 2017 10:35
Hi all, I have a script that automates the process of creating user accounts that are then used for testing purposes (no db access to insert, so kind of a cumbersome workaround to generate mock data in our testing env). In order to allow our testers to create these accounts ad hoc, I host a simple site that takes params and passes them into the account generation script (and runs headlessly on ubuntu VPS). The issue I’m running into is that the script will hang from time to time depending on the response time/stability of the testing env server, and I’m looking for a way to allow the testers to kill the account generation instance when it hangs by way of a button or something on the site rather than me having to log in and manually kill the process every time… I appreciate whatever help anyone can give. I know it’s kind of an abstract question, but if any other specific details will help please let me know.
Jan 24 2017 15:41
@shulerjw Do you know which process is hanging? electron or node?
Jan 24 2017 19:39
Node technically, but it really boils down to having only basic error handling in the account creation script atm coupled with a poorly hosted site that it's running against.. the ability to kill the instance is just my hope for a stopgap for the time being