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Feb 2017
Chris Dzoba
Feb 08 2017 00:46
Suppose I wanted to hire someone who is familiar with Nightmare. Any thoughts on how best to approach that?
P.S. anyone want a job working with nightmare? :)
Feb 08 2017 15:09
Do I need anything beside npm and nodejs to run nightmare?
Feb 08 2017 19:06
@samayo Theoretically those are all you need. The big caveat being that nightmare does require electron to also be installed. The nightmare project includes as a dependency the electron npm project which when installed downloads a precompiled binary of electron which should work in most cases but depending on your os, use case, etc you might need to independently install electron.
Feb 08 2017 19:12
@dzoba That's quite a broad question lol. Personally I would put the focus more on what you're using it for ie automated testing, scraping, etc. While it certainly has some quirks, nightmare is fairly straightforward to get at least a basic version up and running and performing simply tasks; and there's decent documentation. So I wouldn't put it past someone who has experience with other node libraries being able to pick up nightmare