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Apr 2017
Apr 20 2017 01:56 UTC
@amrutharamesh nightmare includes a default preload script so you don't have to include it manually. You can choose to use a custom one instead but parts of it are required (
Ilya Borovitinov
Apr 20 2017 07:13 UTC
Hey guys
Anyone here knows how to fake navigator object in preload script?
Davide De Gennaro
Apr 20 2017 10:51 UTC
Hello. Do anyone know if it's possible for Nightmare to access network infos like the ones chrome provides?
I'm particularly interested in the response of one particular url type
I've tryed to look in the electron documentation for the events ( ) but I'm starting to think that it's the wrong place to look at.
Anyone has some tips?
Apr 20 2017 13:59 UTC
@dege88 If you run nightmare with DEBUG environment variable set to nightmare:log* you will see some useful logging information. I believe the did-get-response-details even captures a good amount of that network information
Davide De Gennaro
Apr 20 2017 14:09 UTC
Thanks @johnferro unfortunately I also need the data contained in the response, I'm gonna try to follow this method to intercept all XHR requests and filter the one I really need to intercept: