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Apr 2017
Ilya Borovitinov
Apr 26 2017 04:22
@EnlightenedCode you could try waiting for that element or checking if it is in the page at all
Apr 26 2017 14:09
@EnlightenedCode Although it seems unlikely in this case, what @icehaunter said is the most common reason for this not working. Perhaps try changing the .wait(2000) to .wait('.login-submit') which will either cause a wait timeout if the element is not present or ensure that it is present when the click happens
Andrew Alanis
Apr 26 2017 15:07
@johnferro @icehaunter it does the same thing with .wait('.login-submit')... I'm thinking it might have something to do with ionic apps....since they might convert clicks to mouse taps....I tried real Click and it didn't work either... its not the ionic CSS though because I strip anything ionic on the button and it still doesnt work on a regular html button
when I click on the button in the electron does the click action tho...and selecting '.login-submit' does come up with an object...just comes up with nothing when you .click() on it
Vladimir Milenko
Apr 26 2017 18:22
Hi guys, don't you know how to pass prevent-display-sleep to nightmare's electron?
If i'm right, this should be done via runner.js