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Jun 2017
Orhan Tozan
Jun 08 2017 00:03
Guys im running the quick start example but im getting the error
Bad argument
I literally copy and pasted the code from the readme
How do I fix this?
Orhan Tozan
Jun 08 2017 00:10
The error is: Bad argument
Flamur Kasa
Jun 08 2017 07:43
How are you running your code?
Indigo Superior
Jun 08 2017 16:45

Hey guys, when I'm doing .cookies.set(cookie), it's not being used at all, but I want to use it at the first .goto.

The cookie looks like this:

[ { url: '',
sess: 'id' } ]

any idea what I'm doing wrong? Does this even work? I think I saw somewhere that you can't set the cookies instantly and have to go on another site first (about:blank for example) and then set the cookie, not sure how I would do that though.

Orhan Tozan
Jun 08 2017 18:36
@FKasa I am running it in my electron app