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Repo info
    I have an application that needs to scrape differents websites from a list of search terms. Exemple, I put 5 search terms (1 by line on a textarea). And for each search term, I want to type it on : amazon, site2, site3 and site4. And then take a screenshots. It works, but I have lots of difficulty about performences...
    How would you do ?
    I would like smth like that
    but I could have hundreds of search terms
    si I guess I have to wait until each website is scraped to use the next nightmare goto
    could someone help me ? I have budget
    Sayam Qazi
    Hi someone is here ?
    I'm wondering if I can use nightmare for for scrapping lots of page and so a looong script execution ?
    Davide De Gennaro
    @doriansavage yes
    you can use the same instance sequentially or use different instances to scrape in parallel
    I'm having headeach with loops & promises :package:
    I'm using smth like that for now
    but sometime I have promise not resolved errors when I have a long script runtime
    Davide De Gennaro
    you are not catching errors
    you must also remember that the execution timeout defaults to 30 seconds
    hello. I have got a page. There are 1-10 paginated pages in the page. Switching between paginated pages is done using js, without requests to server. I can't get all data at once. It needs get data from every paginated page with clicking on button "next(paginated) page". can anyone help me? i can show the page in a private message. write to me pls.
    Davide De Gennaro
    @reshetnyk you can use an evaluate to extract the data and to change the current page
    @dege88 Certainly. Thanks, man.
    Jorge Rosal
    Hello all, is anyone here tried using Cloud9? I'm having problem setting up electron to preview the webpage as the code runs.
    Jorge Rosal
    is there a way i can have the nightmare window have my google sign in session or cookies or something so i dont get captchas or get one clicks
    is there anyway to minimize the window
    basically i want it that it signs into gmail and maintains that session
    how do i make a if statement in nightmare
    and i need the if statement to find something in the html code
    but ive tried .if and .evaluate(() => { if ('#error') { console.log('bad') } })
    but none of it works
    can you pass objects with functions into evaluate?
    David Luzar
    in 3.0, how does one send page data to nightmare, since ipc.send is gone?
    David Luzar
    turns out it can be done by specifying custom preload script https://github.com/segmentio/nightmare#custom-preload-script
    Arsenii Derkach
    Hey everyone. Does anybody knows the best way(or at least working way) to capture full page? Answers in issues on github page doesn't work
    hello why this is not working ?
    const Nightmare = require('nightmare')
    const nightmare = Nightmare({ show: true})
      .html('/', 'HTMLComplete')
    Really does nothing and is supposed to download the webpage
    Can I use nightmare to create/download PDFs in Safari? Or is that feature only available in Chrome?
    Hi guys! I have been stuck with this issue. Everytime, document.querySelector is returning empty objects. For example if I run document.querySelectorAll('a'), then number of anchor tags are correct but the array is of empty objects. Please help if anyone's got a clue
    Peter Bailey
    Hey, is the Nightmare project still active?
    Doesn’t seem to have had any commits for 8 months and Electron is pretty outdated now
    How to print something on the console.log?
    Wait And click
    Hi, guys
    Is nightmare working with electron7?
    Hey what is the purpose of this chat? So i know how to use it lol
    Owl Burger
    we need a discord....