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Apr 2015
Apr 23 2015 11:31
@docs: I don't mind building off what you started. I see it as a spin-off of the parsing problem. so I'd convert it to one of the antlr target languages right off.
You can get the record length with SQL
select column_name, ordinal_position,length from qsys2.syscolumns
where table_name='QRPGLESRC'
and table_schema='RELIB'
order by ordinal_position
the length field where the column_name='SRCDTA' is probably the only one you care about.
qsys2.syscolumns or qsys2/syscolumns depending on the db mode.
Liam Barry
Apr 23 2015 13:14
Yeah, discovered that this afternoon. QSYS2/columns is the area for mine, I'll be integrating this into iSharp tonight.
I am also considering Thenon 'browsing' support.
If I was going to use QSYS2/columns somehow I'd have to do some caching. Probably not a smart idea to download it everytime you want to view a table(or it's member)!
For the Thenon support I'd need to add this whole QSYS2/columns idea first, I think. Thenon has a LOT of files which relate to each other.
Liam Barry
Apr 23 2015 13:26
I feel really proud of myself for finding all this out on my own aha, everyone at my work place would probably call me really sad for enjoying it too
Liam Barry
Apr 23 2015 17:50
My company have asked me to keep hold of my source for iSharp for now I'm afraid.