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Repo info
    Dominik Tomczak
    Hi guys, we got a problem with extremely huge rpush.log file size. What is the best way to make it clean itself, should I change config.logger to SyslogLogger.new like described here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4883891/ruby-on-rails-production-log-rotation/#answer-4883967 or maybe there is a better solution?
    Pedro Daire
    Hi @ileitch I would like to know how can I access the rpush_notifications model from the test of my app (I'm using rspec)
    Sorry, my fault, Rpush::Apns::Notification is working properly, I had another problem causing not to get the notifications
    Spencer MacDonald
    Hi, if I am using rpush with heroku/redis is there a best practise of where I should be initialising the apps?
    Hi there, I've just posted a new issue (rpush/rpush#165) can someone help me?
    Diogo Rosa
    Hi @ileitch the rpush daemon is hanging every time an gcm notification gives the NotRegistered error, can you help me? Or give me some thoughts about this failure? This way it is taking to long to deliver the pushes.
    Vasilis Spilka
    Vasilis Spilka
    Has anyone used rpush for a non rails application?
    Joan Villariaza
    Rodrigo Álvarez
    Does Rpush::Apns::Notification support registration_ids ?
    Vasilis Spilka
    Hey, does ActiveRecord implementation support notification attribute for GCM
    n.notification = { body: 'great match!', title: 'Portugal vs. Denmark', icon: 'myicon' }
    This does not seem to work, apparently no notification column exists, so I was wondering what to do with this, will adding a notification column to rpush_notifications table fix this? I would switch to mongoid which is fluid but I cannot due to dependencies in my gems
    Vasilis Spilka
    Adding a new migration and adding the column seems to work
    Igor Khomenko
    Hi guys
    Does anybody know anything about Blackberry 10 push notifications support?
    Michał Pawelski
    Hi, can anybody explain to my why I'm getting error: Notification 3 failed with error: Invalid token (8) while trying to send push notification to Apple APN?
    is it the device token or something else?
    Nephtali Rodriguez
    Hey guys. I am trying to use on.notification_delivered hook in Rpush.reflect to no avail.
    Is there a specific way this has to be enabled / configured
    Balram Khichar
    Rpush is showing delivered: true but device is not getting messages (v2.7.0)
    Hi, i'm trying to send notification through GCM but each time I launch rpush push he return me this error "Rpush.push
    [2016-09-26 10:34:17] [WARNING] [android_app] GCM responded with an Internal Error. Notification 2 will be retried after 2016-09-26 10:34:21 (retry 2)."
    I don't have more info in the rpush.log file. Do you know how I could debug this. I mean google don't send more info? Like, your registration key is invalid...
    Muhammad Bilal
    i want to send push notification through my website how i can setup this plugin for my website??
    i am using push.js https://github.com/Nickersoft/push.js
    Darren Cheng
    Hi everyone, my team uses rpush pretty heavily and are making modifications to the codebase that we'd love to contribute back to the community. That said, it seems like there isn't much activity from project owners atm. For example, I opened this two weeks ago rpush/rpush#491. My team at Thanx would be happy to help maintain this project - who should I get in touch with for this?
    Hi. I need to change the priority for apns pushes from 10 to something lower. iOS is now rejecting non-voip pushes with a priority of 10
    Hey, I'd like to use rpush in a Ruby script (just plain ruby, not a rails project). Can someone help me with how to load the framework?