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    Vincent Acard
    Vincent Acard
    Burak Emre Kabakcı
    Does anyone use rrweb for interactive app demos?
    I mean for something like this:
    Vipul Wairagade
    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to record user interactions inside of Iframe window. Iframe part is coming blank grey in replay event. Thanks in advance
    Vipul Wairagade
    @Yuyz0112 I had an issue of iframe which I couldn't solve. So I decided to put rrweb into code of iframe. But I am redering a pdf in that code using a pdf library so it gets loaded as canvas. Is there any way I can record that canvas events with other part of page ?
    When I have multiple batches of events being sent to my server, is there a particular event type to look for that identifies the beginning of a recording?
    Hi, does anyone know how to rebuild the snapshot using rrweb-snapshot?
    Stefano Kaefer
    Hi, anyone have a doc to implement rrweb with details?
    Hi Guys, I'm trying to add new css class name in the rrweb-player repository and I am facing strange issue that the compiled output doesn't include the css.
    is it possiable to record dynamic canvas?
    @lxm not yet
    Randy Johnson
    I am having trouble getting my events to output correctly. I keep getting Uncaught TypeError: is not a function at new t (index.ts:69). Can anyone provide a sample line for this: const events = []. I have tried a couple different ideas with no luck. here is what I have currently const events = [{"data":{},"timestamp":1590779368970,"type":0}, {"data":{},"timestamp":1590779369079,"type":1}, {"data":{"href":"https://localhost/rrweb/index","width":1920,"height":552},"timestamp":1590779369080,"type":4} ];
    Randy Johnson
    I switched to the player JS file and it started working
    Sorin Chiriac
    Hi, What SAAS solutions do you know that use rrWEB?
    Ammar Mheir
    I'm also wondering the same thing @Timothy-Barron asked earlier. What's the best way to design for this? If there's lots of events stored in a server, whats the best way to identify the beginning of the recording? Is it the 'type' value? (it appears it goes from 0-3)
    Hello, i want to know how to install the REPL tool. I only find the npm run replcommand in the guide.
    Oh, I get it. I need clone the rrweb repository first!
    Hello, I am now trying to get ID or NAME of the component on which event triggered. Is it possible with rrweb?
    I am a newbie here.
    Does RRweb trigger the ResizeObserver on some browser version? We do see a lot, a lot of ResizeObserver error on "Chrome 83 on Windows 10". Sth like this:
    @bingjie3216 No, rrweb does not use ResizeObserver.


    For anyone keen on the live mode, rrweb based screen sharing, co-browsing tool, now you can check my new open source project syncit!

    It's very nice! Good job!
    Ammar Mheir
    What is the type of object that is expected by rrwebPlayer? is it JSON? or the array? I tried using the sample one from by doing JSON.parse() but I keep getting the error "Replayer need at least 2 events."
    Ammar Mheir
    nevermind i was being stupid :) i never actually edited the rrwebReplayer code to actually pass in the events array... data: {events: **myEvents**,
    Any idea like how to store rrweb-io events in mysql or sqlite3 database?
    Ron Wel
    Hi does anyone have a link to setting up the backend? I only see a guide for front end setup. Thanks
    how do you use /rrweb@0.8.2/dist/record/rrweb-record-pack.js
    I've tried window.rrwebRecord (undefined), window.rrweb
    maybe I'm misunderstanding, is rrweb-record-pack just the pack function on it's own?
    and I need rrweb-record-pack.js AND rrweb-record.js
    they both try to set a global variable rrwebRecord though, so how can you use them both with script tags?
    Gomathi Meena
    Hi @Yuyz0112 ,I tried to play the events in modal using id in node:
    var player = new rrwebPlayer({ Target: document.getElementById('replay-window') , data: { events, }, });
    but the video ui was just collapsed .Why ? Is it not possible to view it in modal ? Kindly help me to come out of this !
    May I ask the gods.How to convert events data of rrweb into video?

    It seems you made it work. can you send me the table structure you are using to save the events and how are you merging events of same session and playing it?

    When I'm trying to merge and play the events it's showing me White screen.

    Is the demo on the home page working for anyone? When I click "Replay" it just freezes and tab times out in chrome.
    Can WeChat applet and official account be rrweb?
    hi. is there any working solution, that i can download?
    Shivam Kharje

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
    <script src=""></script>

    function replay(){
    const events = "./events.json"
    const replayer = new rrwebPlayer({
    <button onclick="replay()">replay</button>
    <div id="player"></div>
    i tried thid
    but got error
    index.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
    at new e (index.js:1)
    at we._e (index.js:1)
    at index.js:1
    at w (index.js:1)
    at g (index.js:1)
    at new we (index.js:1)
    at replay (replay.html:10)
    at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (replay.html:58)
    i also tried directly passing the json object to events
    can any one help?
    Shivam Kharje
    i tried new rrwebPlayer({ target: document.body, // customizable root element data: { events: PUT_YOUR_EVENTS_ARRAY_HERE, autoPlay: true, }, });
    but still getting the error
    "Replayer need at least 2 events."