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    Daniel Ternyak
    I've been experimenting rrweb and I'm trying to understand if there's a means to develop two-way cross browsing
    I think you would do something like this:
    1. record events from the client
    2. broadcast them to the watcher
    3. start recording events on the watcher side, but only record events that occur within the DOM of the client
    4. broadcast events from the watcher to the client
    The issue I'm encountering is that record doesn't appear to let you target a DOM node - it seems to watch the entire page. Is there any way to limit record to target a particular DOM node?

    Hi, is there any way to do something like rrweb does, but for a website that you do not own?

    Just an example: I'm trying to show my grandma how to use a website. So I would just like to record my interaction with that website and send it to her.

    So is there anyway to do this while still having the nice red mouse trail and smoothness of the recording that rrweb provides?


    Hi all, just find can access to gitter again!

    I've just updated the guide doc and write some more comprehensive recipes for rrweb: https://github.com/rrweb-io/rrweb/blob/master/docs/recipes/index.md.

    BTW, we have a very exciting community plan. Please let me know if you are interested in it. And you can help us upvote the plan on hackernews: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25147545

    any rrweb expert who can solve bugs and enhance feature in my current web app of session recording and heatmap
    Mr. NorthWatch
    i'm not an expert, but I got a basic integration working a few days ago
    do you have the basics working?
    Hello everyone, first thanks for RRWEB, it's amazing. I'm using RRWEB in an Angular 11 project and when hover in a button the entire browser gets crashes. I can't navigate for another route too. Anybody helpme please!
    Bohdan Lytvynov
    Hi guys,
    Maybe some of you already tried to use sentry-rrweb integration which is basically rrweb loading with sentry and sending data to sentry attachments so you can see a recording of the page prior to the exception.
    I just added this integration and was hit by a strange bug where I got a recording of the page but without css. I suspect that sentry starts rrweb recording the next moment I initialize sentry(very beginning of application start) and it might be the moment where browser still loads css. Did someone come across something smilar?
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    Andrew Dalton
    Hello everyone, just found the project yesterday. Thought I would stop by and say hello.
    Andrew Dalton
    @githubdrop @mr-northwatch Trying to do the same thing. I am reading the beginners guide on GitHub now any tips or links you can share that helped or tripped you up when you first started?
    This guide is good
    And this is recipes
    Andrew Dalton
    @Joeoeoe Thanks for the tips.
    Hello everyone, can we see some sample example for console recorder
    where we find an example sample for the new feature like console recorder, Canvas
    hi, is there any plan for browser plugin
    Scott Weinert
    Has anyone seen errors like this when trying to playback the rrweb events:
    Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'appendChild' on 'Node': Only one element on document allowed.
        at s (https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/rrweb-player@latest/dist/index.js:30:22000)
    Mr. NorthWatch

    @githubdrop @mr-northwatch Trying to do the same thing. I am reading the beginners guide on GitHub now any tips or links you can share that helped or tripped you up when you first started?

    I basically just built a websocket for sending rrweb info, and every time an event was generated I just sent info to my server via the websocket and saved it in the db

    you could probably do a similar thing with xhr requests
    Som Shekhar
    how to handle page url change/refresh when a button is clicked?
    Mr. NorthWatch
    well a new websocket is established so I am able to use that for detecting page changes
    with XHR requests you could check referer headers, but I wouldn't 100% trust those because some people disable them for privacy
    maybe append the url to the end of the request and grab it on the other side, or do something where you JSON encode the rrweb obj and the current page url?
    but for the most part everything works out and the renderer works well
    in my use case, I allow users to view the recordings so I just tag each one with the user's id in the db
    they really should write more documentation about how to handle all of this server-side
    Hey guys, any living example of using VueJS with rrweb?
    Mr. NorthWatch
    I don't think they have any native stuff
    so you'll have to just use normal js
    Simon Cornelius P. Umacob
    hello, is there a quick way to rewrite the URLS in the HTML saved in the events?
    Som Shekhar
    how to unload {Replayer} from the page? I cannot seem to close it by using destroy.
    Yousef Alaqra
    @mr-northwatch Could you please share the source of your code (sending the events through ws connection), if you can't share the code i understand that but in this case can you please share useful tips about the process?
    rrweb not support ie11 ? but---> ie11 support mutationobserver
    Ivo Pereira
    Hey there! Just discovered rrweb. Was researching and thinking about using rrweb to monitor possible suspicious cheating behaviour in an online game. Has this ever been used in such use case?
    I was first looking into WebRTC getDisplayMedia but it doesn't look like it is implemented in Mobile unfortunately.
    Yousef Alaqra
    Is there a way to emit only one event when calling record? i don't want to keep emmiting...
    Joanna Chen
    Is it possible to replay one event on the existing snapshot without rebuilding the DOM?
    Joanna Chen
    Also, sending events from the mirror back to the host, are the events being recorded in the iframe?

    Hello everyone, I am in the situation of recording sessions and sending data at regular intervals to a json file.
    The file on average weighs around 3 / 400MB.

    On the player page, I load the file like this:
    $json = file_get_contents($file_name, false, stream_context_create($arrContextOptions));

    const data = [{ events: <?php echo $json; ?> }];

    function player(data){
    const events = data.reduce((prev, cur) => prev.concat(cur.events), []);

    new rrwebPlayer({
    target: document.body, // customizable root element
    props: {


    Obviously the loading is very slow, is there a way to take json progressively for example using a buffer?
    perhaps there is a better way to do this
    can you help me understand how to do it?
    Does anyone know about rrweb sentry plugin, facing some issue with it
    @UmangThapliyal unfortunately there are not many active people here to give support ...
    can you tell me some place where I can get resolution