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Uyin Solomon
who is here
Uyin Solomon
@Yuyz0112 am new here
Yeah me too:) just create the room hours ago
Uyin Solomon
oww really, ?
i guess users on this platform are few
It is late night in my region and gonna to go sleep. Feel free to discuss anything about the project in corresponding room, general messages are also welcome in the rrweb-io room:)
I mean rrweb-io/community
Uyin Solomon
Christian Schätzlein
Hi there! I was looking for a JS that can create a 'screenshot' of the current page. I used html2canvas but had rendering issues in some browsers, so I wanted to only "serialize" the DOM, send it to a server and render the HTML there (using wkhtmltoimage or the like). I tried rrweb-snapshot, but I'm not able to convert the generated snapshot to string (for sending it to the server). Is there anything I'm missing, or is rrweb-snapshot not supposed to be used like this?
@chrsch_gitlab what does ‘not able to generate to string’ mean?
Christian Schätzlein
@Yuyz0112 JSON.stringify(capture(window.document)) is empty
I can output the return value of capture(window.document) to the console, but I can't "serialize" it somehow.
Christian Schätzlein
I only tried it on a web page that's around 300MB with all images loaded, so maybe that's a browser limitation
Is that a public web page I can have a try? BTW, the capture method you mentioned is the snapshot method expose by rrweb-snapshot right?
Christian Schätzlein
@Yuyz0112 Sorry, not a public page. And yes, with capture I meant the snapshot. I guess the ~200 MB of images loaded were causing the problem. I'll give it a try with a less complex public page.
Jeton Kadrija
can anyone share an example of how to use the snapshot with the rrweb recorder and replayer?
Gomathi Meena
Hi @Yuyz0112 can you provide any example to use the rrweb snapshot ?
Just tried rrweb-snapshot and seems to work perfectly for many sites. Some sites (for instance Twitter) the results are wildly distorted.
Daniel Ternyak
Hi there
I am trying to understand if/how it would be possible to add support to target just a subset of the DOM to watch for events during record
It looks like it's hardcoded to use document, and there's no way to configure this
Any ideas would be appreciated