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Daniël van de Giessen
Just commented https://github.com/rrweb-io/rrweb/issues/6#issuecomment-452118538, turned out to be a longer comment than I expected. It's a rough idea I had, curious to hear whether others think that would be valuable to have.
rrweb-io/rrweb#14 there is also some discussion about checkpoints in the recording side
The current timer interface makes all the things combining together, and an abstract clock you mentioned is good for solve some of the problem, especially for live streaming.
But the refactoring of the timer and the replay renderer worth a separate issue/pr, and the checkpoint part will focus on the event store:)
After the coding last night, I’m trying to figure out the impact of checkpoints in the recording side. It is useful to build some features like ‘store the last 10min records before an error exception’.
But it will reset the mirror map. Firstly I need to test this will not cause racing problems since we have many async events. Secondly also need to check it will not break the future plan of searching/filtering events.

Found a bug about shadow-DOM

Is there any other web component standard like this?

Eoghan Murray
Hi @Yuyz0112 working on rrweb-io/rrweb#221 today
just wondering are there any tslint type tools that you use for code formatting?
@eoghanmurray I use prettier for code formatting
Eoghan Murray
ok cool, I'll try to get that running on my code before I submit! I'm pretty new to typescript so let me know if there's anything you want me to fix up in e.g. rrweb-io/rrweb#223
Eoghan Murray
i.e. I wrote it to satisfy npm run typings after having started it from the definition at https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/#interface-mutationrecord
Eoghan Murray
@Yuyz0112 the #223 is currently broken, am working on a fix...
however I believe the 'should record dynamic CSS changes' test has been broken since at least
(going back further than that is giving me more general testing errors)
Eoghan Murray
ok believe #223 now doesn't introduce any new broken tests.
Eoghan Murray
feel free to ignore the note about master failing on 'should record dynamic CSS changes' ... looks like that's particular to my statcounter repository

@Yuyz0112 would it be possible to turn on Service Hooks for Travis so that the test status of pull requests is visible?
e.g. see explanation here https://stackoverflow.com/a/19810474/6691
this would enable either a green tick, or a red 'x' to appear beside the commit id in the pull request
@Yuyz0112 Hello. I got trouble implement two (or more) replays on one page. If there is only one replay it works fine. But as soon as we add a new replay to the page, the current one stop working. Any advice? Thank you.
I saw that putting the record replay in a web worker is in the roadmap. I'd like to implement it, has anyone started doing things about it?
Shakil Ahmed
how to save the recorded session into a static HTML file?
like repl does
Eoghan Murray
So a recorded session is a series of events in JSON format.
Creating a HTML page which includes the rrweb-replayer.js file and loading a new rrwebReplay.Replayer with those events will show the video (after player.play()).
If you want all the above to be standalone, you'd have to include the events as a javascript object within a <script> tag (either inline or external)
and also inline the rrweb-replayer.js file (or distributing it with your HTML file)
e.g. <html><body><div id="root"></div><script src="./rrweb-replayer.js"></script><script>var recording = [{'type': 2, ...}, {'type': 4, ....}]; var player = new rrwebReplay.Replayer(recording, {speed: 1, root: document.getElementByID('root')}); player.play()</script></body></html>
BTW, @Yuyz0112 no longer has access to this gitter chat afaik
thanks a lot!
Ryan Chandler
hey, can anybody here help? I'm currently replacing Inspectlet with rrweb in a project of mine - upon replaying, there's a bunch of null text everywhere...
here's an example if it helps - really appreciate any help!