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Repo info
    How are you today?
    I'm a Full Stack Javascript(Vue, React, Angular, Node.js, TypeScript) Engineer with Blockchain Technologies and looking for part time or full time position. Can you please help me?
    this is my telegramID, please reach out me via here. thx
    Alejandro Cavallero
    @BGudim_twitter please come to http://developers.rsk.co/slack
    thanks @brave-i
    @brave-i you can apply here -> https://www.iovlabs.org/careers.html
    Hi, there.
    I'm a full-stack web/mobile developer with blockchain technology(Defi, dApp, smart contract).
    Full skilled with react, javascript, typescript, react native, truffle, web3, ehterjs, python, C, C++.
    Have full experience in a website(front, backend), mobile wallet and others, defi, dApp, smart contracts development.
    I am seeking a remote developer position now. contact Info: TG - @MDExpert
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    What's the best way to convert my rbtc to btc?
    Alejandro Cavallero
    hi @dubliou, please join http://developers.rsk.co/slack
    @alepc253 Hi Alejandro. We are trying to verify a contract in the network, it fails but it does not give any reference on how or why.
    Alejandro Cavallero
    @jdt-crypto please go to http://developers.rsk.co/slack and start a thread there

    Hi, gents

    Hope you are doing well,

    My name is Hiroshi Yoshida and I am a full stack blockchain developer with 7+ yrs of dev experience with blockchain and Tokenomics and Bachelor's degree in Applied Science. I would like to participate in a cool crypto project
    Since 2017, I have had a huge interest in the blockchain world and worked as a smart contract developer.

    • Frontend : React, Vue, Angular
    • Backend : Django, Laravel
    • Blockchain : Ethereum, Solidity, Go, Rust, C++, Dapps, Geth, Remix IDE, Mist, Ganache CLI, Solium, Ether Scripter, Embar, Metamask, Blockchain TestNet, Truffle
    • Trading/Exchange Platforms

    Recently, I am in the job market to find something more exciting.

    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hiroshi-yoshida/
    Github: https://github.com/truelifedev

    I would like to join your ambitious plans and challenge new problems.
    Please let me put my unique skills and experience to your business.

    Wishing you new goals and success....
    Best and Regards,

    Hiroshi Yoshida

    Alejandro Cavallero
    hey @truelifedev, please apply here: https://www.iovlabs.org/careers.html
    Rytis Grincevičius
    Hey, is trace_filter method is available on rskj? https://openethereum.github.io/JSONRPC-trace-module#trace_filter
    Seen message that it's on development since 2019 but can't find any updates on this
    Alejandro Cavallero
    hi @grinryt_twitter, please join http://developers.rsk.co/slack
    but short answer is no, rskj does support trace_block
    Noah Wöhler
    Hi, can I post a call for participants in an interview study on open source projects here? If any mod wants more details via DM first, then I'm happy to oblige
    Hi guys i'm building a wallet and p2p marketplace on rsk
    at the link above
    I just setup an rsk node on an aws ec2 instance
    but am failing to send rpc requests to my node from the DApp
    can anyone help?
    Alejandro Cavallero
    @ChikwamaIO_twitter this room is deprecated, go to http://developers.rsk.co/slack
    Carlos Ríofrío
    hello who can help me.
    send rbtc from metamask to binance to btc network and if I lost it can be recovered.
    @alepc253 ok thanks
    That link is invalid on my end
    Hafiz Muhammad YAR Khurshid
    how are you?
    I have rich experience in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Solidity, NFT, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Solana but also in relevant up-to-date technologies and I'm sure that I can complete this project perfectly.
    I want to have a long-term partnership with you as the best employer.
    please ping to me.
    my discord id is hyg0401#0165
    Ripudaman Singh
    Internal Error: Invalid JSON RPC response: "<!DOCTYPE html>\n<html>\n <head>\n <title>403 Method Not Allowed</title>\n </head>\n <body>\n <h1>Error 403 Method Not Allowed</h1>\n <p>Method Not Allowed</p>\n <h3>Guru Meditation:</h3>\n <p>XID: 427132595</p>\n <hr>\n <p>Varnish cache server</p>\n </body>\n</html>\n"
    unable to connect to public nodes
    Alejandro Cavallero
    @rds0751 this chat is deprecated, please join http://developers.rsk.co/slack
    1 reply
    John Paul
    I am senior blockchain developer.
    Discord id is BlockchainKing#0165
    Please message to me.
    Alejandro Cavallero
    @Det-Tech you can apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/iovlabs
    What do you think of the current market
    John Paul
    It is going to come up soon