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    sorry for the n00b route questions on net client ! ;0
    hang on i think we've got it now
    nope... how can I route the client.RequestStream binary call to the quotes endpoint please?
    After setting up the binary stream with C# [Serializable] objects (as above resultmapper and data) then I am using the stream.ForEachAsync
    await stream.ForEachAsync(quotes => Console.WriteLine($"RawDemo.OnNext===>[{quotes.Metadata}]{quotes.Data}"));
    Oleh Dokuka
    @rupweb you have to encode route in a proper way
    in rsocket-.net we do not have composite metadata support as of this moment
    thus, you would need to do that yourselves or you would need to encode your route as a plain string
    I have no idea how PdxNet works, but it is defenitelly will not be handled by spring
    also, rsocket-routing is not the right place, better to ask at https://gitter.im/rsocket/rsocket-dotnet for the dotnet impl
    thanks.... i got a string implementation going using
        byte[] intBytes = BitConverter.GetBytes(6);
        string stringBytes = Encoding.Default.GetString(intBytes, 0, 1);
        metaData = stringBytes + "quotes";
        var stringclient = new RSocketClient.ForStrings(client);    //A simple client that uses UTF8 strings instead of bytes.
        await stringclient.RequestStream(json, metaData)
            .ForEachAsync((result) =>
                Console.WriteLine($"Result ===> {result}");
    just want to get the binary impl going
    Oleh Dokuka
    var client = new RSocketClient(new WebSocketTransport("ws://localhost:8080/"));
                await client.ConnectAsync(new RSocketOptions()
                    MetadataMimeType = "message/x.rsocket.routing.v0",
                    DataMimeType = "application/octet-stream"
                Console.WriteLine("Requesting Raw Protobuf Stream...");
                var route = new ReadOnlySequence<byte>(new byte[]
                    (byte) Encoding.UTF8.GetByteCount("request.stream")
                //Make a Raw binary call just to show how it's done.
                var stream = client.RequestStream(
                    resultmapper: result => (Data: Encoding.UTF8.GetString(result.data.ToArray()), Metadata: Encoding.UTF8.GetString(result.metadata.ToArray())),
                    data: new ReadOnlySequence<byte>(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("test")), metadata: route);
                await stream.ForEachAsync(persons => Console.WriteLine($"RawDemo.OnNext===>[{persons.Metadata}]{persons.Data}"));
    that what works for me
    Thanks :) got the route working
    Oleh Dokuka
    @rupweb as I mentioned before, this gitter channel is for a different project, can we move our future conversations to https://gitter.im/rsocket/rsocket-dotnet
    also, what you mentioned looks like a bug
    thus better to create an issue at the https://github.com/rsocket/rsocket-net/issues/new/choose
    Bau Nguyen Van
    hi Oleh. Can i implement routing client in javascript?
    2 replies

    Hi Oleh, Can I use this dependency in my spring boot project?


    I configured spring snapshot repo in my pom, but got "Not authorized" when compile.

    5 replies
    Hello, is there any plan to have a rsocket-routing-client for JS?
    1 reply
    Anders Clausen
    @OlegDokuka @spencergibb would RSocket work with Hashicorp Consul or is it one-or-the-other?
    Spencer Gibb
    I think so. we plan on integrating with discovery to find the cluster
    Anders Clausen
    Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply
    Eric Turley
    Hiya :)
    I'm trying to figure out how RSocket will work across a traditional Application Load Balancer (as opposed to a Network Load Balancer) behind that are ephemeral K8s pods.
    Is it somehow stateless in some way - particuarly with regard to a REQUEST-CHANNEL mode. If a pod went down, how could that work be transitioned?
    If this is documented, I'd be happy if you just pointed me at it.
    11 replies
    Jon Brisbin
    hey there! just wondering what state rsocket-routing is in and if it's worth building a new component on? no docs, no readme, etc...
    2 replies
    Philippe Soares
    Hi! Does anyone know what happened to netifi?
    18 replies
    hi guys, I am trying to setup rsocket client for a rsocket server which is built using RSocketRequester wrapper. In other words, my client is a regular java app whereas is my server is springboot app, hence having this wrapper RSocketRequester. Any help on how I can do this?
    2 replies
    the current problem that I face is my server is having certain methods which are annotated with some routes example: @MessageMapping("pipeline.transformers.next") but i dont understand how to route to these methods from my client without using RSocketRequester wrapper which has built in methods like route(...)
    Hello, is there NO updates here?
    I was using 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT and now gradle couldn't find it anymore.
    Oleh Dokuka
    It is because bintray went out
    We will fix that soon
    Bau Nguyen Van

    Hi everyone.
    I have a question.

    is Rsocket-routing-client-spring support spring security?

    i was cofig spring security for Rsocket-routing-client-spring but it have not effect.

    Hi everyone, when do you reckon rsocket broker will be ready for production use ?
    I am looking to use RoutingRSocketRequester with backpressure and retry but cant find a way to pass that as property in my client. is there a way to do it ?
    sameer asaad
    Is there an example on how to use rSocket-broker without spring?

    hi there, I found rsocket really interesting and promising. With a colleague of mine, we have setup a little poc to test many features of RSocket and RSocket spring libs.

    As for now, we have setup web javascript client talking to a java broker built ontop of rsocket-routing-broker-spring.
    And our javascript client uses js libs rsocket-core and rsocket-websocket-client.

    BUT (there is always a but), our js client can't succeed in connecting to java broker. And the error thrown back to brower app states the following:
    RSocket error 0x3 (REJECTED_SETUP): RouteSetup not found in metadata. See error source property for details.

    Partial Stack

    RSocket open channel request error: Error: RSocket error 0x3 (REJECTED_SETUP): RouteSetup not found in metadata. See error source property for details.
    at createErrorFromFrame (RSocketFrame.js?626d:271)
    at RSocketMachineImpl._handleConnectionFrame (RSocketMachine.js?4c6f:605)
    at Object.eval [as onNext] (RSocketMachine.js?4c6f:252)
    at FlowableSubscriber.onNext (Flowable.js?468d:249)
    at ReassemblySubscriber.onNext (ReassemblyDuplexConnection.js?899c:132)
    at eval (RSocketWebSocketClient.js?9ba9:80)
    at Set.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at WebSocket.eval (RSocketWebSocketClient.js?9ba9:80)

    As far as we understand it, web-app doesn't send setup configuration as expected by java broker but we can not find any useful documentation or ressource.

    So, here our question, does someone have a pure javascript example or sample showing how a js client sends a valid RouteSetup to a java broker?

    Thanks in advance

    PS : Please be kind for any english mistakes (not fluent) ;)

    @OlegDokuka What about scalecube services? Looks like it takes all benefit of rsocket and reactive, and no centralized broker needed. Is this a rsocket-routing-broker alternative? or something different?
    Lach Sokhour
    This message was deleted
    Lach Sokhour
    hello everyone, @OlegDokuka how to implement io.rsocket.routing-client with angular
    Jonathan Rodriguez
    Hi. any reference or documentation about how to use Rsocket on k8s environment in the context of there is a kind ingress gateway? I mean how to expose multiples services running rsocket in a k8s cluster.
    1 reply
    Bartłomiej Piech
    are there any examples or docs about spring cloud gateway conf for rsocket?

    Hi @OlegDokuka, @spencergibb
    Thanks for the useful insights on rsocket.
    I have a request if you could provide a sample reference for "rsocket-broker-spring" and "rsocket-broker-http-bridge" with retry and resume when broker or http-bridge is restarted but the requester and responder are still up and running.
    I have been trying to achieve this for almost one week but got no luck.

    below are repositories of which I have taken the reference.

    Gabriel Shaar
    Arun Chandrasekaran
    Hi folks, is https://github.com/rsocket/rsocket-cpp still supported? I see that the repo has not been updated since 2020 (except some facebook internal update) and not after 2021 at all. Any thoughts?
    Mahdi Amini
    Hi, anyone has managed to use https://github.com/rsocket/rsocket-dart and call a @MessageMapping rsocket spring endpoint? (#flutter)