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Repo info
    Rico Sta. Cruz
    Teddy Zetterlund
    pretty neat service
    Rico Sta. Cruz
    yep. just tryin it out.
    looks cool so far. :D
    At first jquery Transit is my favourite jquery plugin overall.
    But i have some Issues using the 3d rotate at firefox. It works fine in chrome but i have no idea why FF doesnt rotate it for me
    Here a link to a examplepage from me and the code
    Hope u will answer me
    $('#rotatetext').transition({ perspective: 100 ,rotateX: '-=360'});
    fixed it ... figured out 3d rotate does not even work with <a> tags ...
    Rico Sta. Cruz
    3d rotate should work on <a> tags, unless you got some other CSS that would interfere with it osmehow.
    I am finding that this great library does not work in Mobile Safari on iOS8. Can you confirm?
    By "finding" I mean, I have tested on iPod Touch 5 and iPad 4 and my animation doesn't happen. But it's fine on iOS 7.
    Mike Henriquez
    Hello guys, i have a question i can't figure it out
    i have this line of code to anchor navigate a one pages page
    i want to add transitions to the scroll
    $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: $(target).offset().top }, 'slow');
    but can't figure it out how to do it with the transition property of the plugin
    Pier Bover
    Hi! I've been working with tween engines since 2006, even before TweenLite existed (Zigo, Tweener, etc).
    I just came here to say Transit is simply amazing. Smoothest animations I have ever seen in a tween engine. Using CSS3 animations is genius.
    Thank you! Keep up the good work!
    Hey Rico,
    guess you stopped working on your fabulous transition plugin. Keep on going. I am still using it successfully and I guess it will gain more importance with mobile devices getting more powerful even. How about a blur transition and stuff like that? Salutes
    people i need help using multiple jquery scripts...i can get two of them to work together, and one alone, but when i try to do all three things break.
    this is the error i get: Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to t
    ok never mind you knowwhat i get that error with one of the ones I thought was good no matter what
    Sup peeps, Sharing a Pro Wireframe Code Challenge - E-Com Wireframe Prototype: http://goo.gl/IEajdY :+1:
    HI @rstacruz
    Akhil Ramesh
    Hi guys
    When I try to queue th methods, only the first transition works, the rest aren't animating, it's just setting css property - y,x,y movement basically.
    Lucas Ponzo Ferreira
    Hey guys.... how do I have a vertical area of my page I want to transition (collapse) and I'm using transitionjs, but the command $('#el').transition({ x: "-100px" }); does nothing.... only $('#el').transition({ x: "100px" }); woks... any idea on how I do I use transition to vertically collapse a DIV?
    thanks for any help
    Lucas Ponzo Ferreira
    this solved the problem
    $("#el").animate({ width: 'toggle' });
    Anyone know how I would animate a .css property of an element? More specifically, I'm trying to animate this: $('.App').css( "grid-template-columns", "0px auto" ); Thanks!