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Repo info
    Antoni Putra
    hello @rstacruz . it would be nice, if you give an example using nprogress with ES6.
    @antoniputra i'm using it in my project, it really is just import and go
    import NProgress from "nprogress";
    to change its settings, i used lodash to extend the settings object like this:
    _.extend(NProgress.settings, {
        showSpinner: false
    i'm using browserify + babelify and it works perfectly
    Hi. Is that nprogress js support jquery 3.x
    example file was still using 1.X
    Itiel shwartz
    is there a way to increse the size of the bar?
    Hi All,
        NProgress.configure({ minimum: 0.3 });
        NProgress.configure({ easing: 'ease', speed: 2000 });
    is my configuration
    nprogress div is created but it is empty
    I have added alert after set , and I am expecting a progress bar to appear with 30 % progress before I click on Ok in the alert
    I can see the alert but I cannot see the progress bar,
    We need your help ASAP.
    Thanks in advance
    Silasak Lawong

    hi All

    import NProgress from 'nprogress'; not include css in react app

    hi all
    can i change progress bar color
    please help any one
    configure css file
    #nprogress .bar { background: #00a2ff; }
    Ramin M.Hoseini
    I Get this error from webpack , how can i config NProgress on webpack
    NodeInvocationException: NProgress is not defined
    thanh phuc
    Hi All. I''m using "angular-loading-bar" base on nprogress. So, if i have multi request, The loading bar run forward and backward continuously.
    Please help me to fixed it. I want progress bar render only 1 time.
    Hello all, is anyone able to get nProgress working with Reactjs?
    I did import NProgress from "nprogress"; but NProgress is undefined
    Nvm, it's working. It's just offscreen. Having to position it right I guess