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Repo info
    Benedikt Rötsch
    John Donnelly
    Quick question Rico. I am trying to get the bar to work in a div with an id='progress1' so I used nprogress.configure({parent: '#progress1'}) in my javascript. Nothing happened. It still shows in default (body) container. What am I missing?
    Hello there!
    Suwon Chae
    André Lademann
    Thank you!
    Anyone here still encountering this problem? rstacruz/nprogress#61
    I’m still getting TypError and have followed through with the advice given in the issue, still no luck
    Joe Norton
    Hey guys, want to make a commit and then I realized the files on the github at not in LESS format? where are those?
    Digvijay Singh
    Anyone can help me implement multiple nprogress on same page ?

    Hi all. nprogress always fails for me with ES6 module loading.

    import nprogress from 'nprogress';

    Has any body used nprogress in an ES6 code?

    Fatih Aytekin
    Rico Sta. Cruz
    sure it can work with ES6 module loading. use it with browserify + babelify
    Sunnguon Taing
    parent: '#progress1'
    David McDonald
    perhaps im looking in the wrong location on the github page, but is there any information on having just the horizontal line progress bar, and turning off the circular loading status that appears in the top right hand corner of the screen?
    David McDonald
    nvm found it
    Rico Sta. Cruz
    cheers :)
    is anybody there?
    Antoni Putra
    hello @rstacruz . it would be nice, if you give an example using nprogress with ES6.
    @antoniputra i'm using it in my project, it really is just import and go
    import NProgress from "nprogress";
    to change its settings, i used lodash to extend the settings object like this:
    _.extend(NProgress.settings, {
        showSpinner: false
    i'm using browserify + babelify and it works perfectly
    Hi. Is that nprogress js support jquery 3.x
    example file was still using 1.X
    Itiel shwartz
    is there a way to increse the size of the bar?
    Hi All,
        NProgress.configure({ minimum: 0.3 });
        NProgress.configure({ easing: 'ease', speed: 2000 });
    is my configuration
    nprogress div is created but it is empty
    I have added alert after set , and I am expecting a progress bar to appear with 30 % progress before I click on Ok in the alert
    I can see the alert but I cannot see the progress bar,
    We need your help ASAP.
    Thanks in advance
    Silasak Lawong

    hi All

    import NProgress from 'nprogress'; not include css in react app

    hi all
    can i change progress bar color
    please help any one
    configure css file
    #nprogress .bar { background: #00a2ff; }
    Ramin M.Hoseini
    I Get this error from webpack , how can i config NProgress on webpack
    NodeInvocationException: NProgress is not defined
    thanh phuc
    Hi All. I''m using "angular-loading-bar" base on nprogress. So, if i have multi request, The loading bar run forward and backward continuously.
    Please help me to fixed it. I want progress bar render only 1 time.
    Hello all, is anyone able to get nProgress working with Reactjs?
    I did import NProgress from "nprogress"; but NProgress is undefined
    Nvm, it's working. It's just offscreen. Having to position it right I guess