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    Envo CHteoh
    I'm Rstudio beginner, and I would like to ask about anyone have any idea
    how can I analyse the .csv data above by using Rstudio?
    @Envo_CHteoh_twitter before analysing your .csv data, you need to import it into your R session. R has embedded with its own generic function to do so. Use function read.csv() to import your data.
    Envo CHteoh

    Hi all, currently I cant access the code below:

    data_file <- file.path(data_dir,sprintf('tutorial_d2_competition_network_sample.rds',firm_i,d))
    nets.all <- readRDS(data_file)
    Error in gzfile(file, "rb") : cannot open the connection
    In addition: Warning message:
    In gzfile(file, "rb") :
    cannot open compressed file 'D:\<U+4EA4><U+5927>\THESIS\R_Git Executable/tutorial_d2_competition_network_sample.rds', probable reason 'Invalid argument'
    len <- length(nets.all)
    Error: object 'nets.all' not found

    any pero can help? thanks
    currently stuck at readRDS
    Envo CHteoh
    Hi´╝îanyone know why it showing this message??
    source(file.path(cb_data_dir,'amj_tutorial_cb_data_prep.R')) ## cb: CrunchBase dataframes object
    Error in setwd(tmp_work_dir) : cannot change working directory

    Hi, I have a question for ggplot2movies~
    How do I create a new column and name it as"Class". At the same time, I want to determine in the "Class" column, if those columns "Action", "Animation", "Comedy", "Drama", "Documentary", "Romance", "Short" have "1" in the column, just fill in the column name in "Class".
    (If two "1" appear in the same row of those columns, the final column will be dominant, which same likely as concept of priority)

    How can I write it?