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Hi there, I'm totally new to this. Those anyone know why the Modal isn't responsive on a mobile screen?

rsuite component was not mobile compatible

1 reply
demo img
滚动的时候的第一行 很模糊
Arifullah irfann
is it free to use ?
1 reply
how to make sidenav menu as in rsuite (icons without texts)? Is it done with just sidenav without text?
<Whisper placement="top" trigger="click" speaker={<Tooltip>Blah</Tooltip>}>Text</Whisper> - how to close tooltip in 5 seconds? Thanks
The solution is: <Whisper .... open={this.state.open} onOpen={() => {setTimeout(function () {this.setState({open: !this.state.open})}.bind(this),5000)}}>
Hello There,
Is there any idea to support for React17 ?
Hi guys @simonguo @hiyangguo - Is there any plans to get rid of the old less-loader with javascript enabled requirement? Is there a place I could subscribe to updates about that specific issue?
thanks for a great job!
Noam Baron
Hi, I've been using the Slider component in my app, and I want to adapt it to mobile screen, but the slider is not responsive in mobile viewing. Is there any quick solution for that?
@baronoam did you test it in mobile mode on a desktop, with an open debugger? maybe you can pinpoint the issue this way?
if you'll create a demo online I can take a look
Trond K. Pettersen
Hi - I'm working on a product where we make extensive use of rsuite-table. Wondering if I could get some feedback on rsuite/rsuite-table#196 . Happy to submit a PR if that sounds ok.
Andriy Slobodian

Hi. There is an issue related to Modal component. It is reproducible even on your site. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to https://rsuitejs.com/components/modal/
  2. Find first example of Usage
  3. Click "Open" button from the Example.
  4. Modal is opened.
  5. Click and hold "Cancel" button in opened Modal window.

Actual result: it is blinking
Expected result: is should work in the same way as "Ok" button

Esteban Diez


Hi - I'm working on a product where we make extensive use of rsuite-table. Wondering if I could get some feedback on rsuite/rsuite-table#196 . Happy to submit a PR if that sounds ok.

I've used on my project and I think it has most of the basic features you'd require on a web table. I think it's much better than react-datagrid. One of the things you'll have to keep in mind is that you'll need to implement the search toolbar on your own. Cheers!

Hi, I am working with the Navbar component and I have a home icon on the right, but the home icon is not centered in the button of the navbar if I have no text. Is there any way to fix this?
Robert Butler
so does rsuite work with preact?
Abulo John Joshua
Hi, I am trying to update the value of an <Input> using <Input value={state_value} /> but it does to change each time I try to update value using the value prop.
Abulo John Joshua

Hi, I am trying to update the value of an <Input> using <Input value={state_value} /> but it does to change each time I try to update value using the value prop.

Never mind, I figured it out. Setting state to null changes value of state but not the input prop. Setting it to empty string works fine, for example, setACertainState('') instead of setACertainState(null).

Use placeholder instead of value
If you use value you will able to change it.
Dan Seaver
Newbie to React Suite - I've tried copying the code from the Sidebar Layout of the Container component, which was mostly successful. However, I'm not getting the spacing around the Header and Content sections. Any guidance on how I can fix this?
Duong Nguyen
Hi all
I'm facing the issue like this:
./node_modules/rsuite/lib/styles/themes/default/index.less (./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js!./node_modules/less-loader/dist/cjs.js!./node_modules/file-loader/dist/cjs.js??ref--6-oneOf-8!./node_modules/rsuite/lib/styles/themes/default/index.less)
TypeError: this.getOptions is not a function
10 replies
Hi - I'm trying to use the pagination component for rsuite-table, as shown in the examples at https://rsuitejs.com/components/table. But the TablePagination component is not exported by rsuite-table. And I'm also confused by the example's import statement

The example shows import { Table } from 'rsuite';

const { Column, HeaderCell, Cell, Pagination } = Table;

whereas the rsuite-table examples show import { Table, Column, HeaderCell, Cell } from 'rsuite-table';
Do I need to install the complete rsuite to get TablePagination, and is it TablePagination or Table.Pagination?
1 reply
So - It seems that indeed you DO need to use the entire rsuite to get the Pagination component, and then the form const { Column, HeaderCell, Cell, Pagination } = Table; appears to work.... but...
the code form <Column width={200} resizable sortable > <HeaderCell>Pilot</HeaderCell> <Cell dataKey='PilotName' /> </Column>
throws an error 'cannot read length of undefined' at line 841 of Table.js - line is if (columnChildren.length !== 2) {....
using the Table.Column etc form for the components doesn't help. This didn't happen when I was using rsuite-table. What gives?
Oops - my bad. I was embedding the Pagination element in the Table after the last Column rather than following it.
Eduardo Michel
Anish Sachdeva
how to use the dateFns library, when i do const { dateFns } = DateRangePicker i am getting that dateFns is undefined. How do i fix this ?
2 replies
Hi, i am trying to use rsuite-table with typescript. But i keep getting type errors, i do not see any @types npm package for rsuite-table.
How do i resolve this issue?
1 reply
Hugo Piat
Hi, I am using Table component from rsuite (not rsuite-table) and the virtualized prop is not present, is this a wanted thing ? (there is also other props which are different between the 2 packages)
Also i found a bug with onScroll : the scrollY value is always equals to 0 when using autoHeight={true}
1 reply
Hasanzoda Muhammadiqbol
Hi, everyone how to switch between light mode and dark mode in my project?
1 reply
Hugo Piat
There is no onSortColumn in rsuite-table... minHeight and rowHeight are required (even with autoHeight and wordWrap) and not in rsuite package
Hi, I'm trying to use the DateRangePicker, but the styling is changing other buttons on the page (to border-width 0 and hover underlines). Is there a nice easy way to prevent this that I'm missing?
Mikhil Mohan C
Hey, I was trying to install rsuite in my react project. But then installation failed. I have explained everything in this link.
1 reply
Please help me with this
Vitalii Lutai
Hi, I'm trying to use controlled Uploader, but files doesn't change their status to 'error' like on examples page, "Controlled" example. They hang on 'uploading' status, but onError function is called. Please, help me with this issue.
Attempted import error: 'toaster' is not exported from 'rsuite'.
1 reply