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Tudor Popescu
Anyone knows how to use virtualized table but with data limit for better performance ? For example in a list with 3000 items render only 40 items at once then load moare as user scrolls ?
1 reply
hello all, how i can change styles for className rs-slider-progress-bar, and others classes? thx
Sachin Mittal

Hello folks
do anyone of you know of any example of rsuite from with an array or list of data objects
how can we render a form for such data

  a: "",
  b: [
      f1: "",
      f2: "",

I want to create a form for field a and also b[0]['f1'], b[0]['f2'] and so on

1 reply
how can i change the color of stepper step border box
is it possible to only install the date picker component or do i need to install the entire library in order to use any component?
Jared Dahlke

is it possible to only install the date picker component or do i need to install the entire library in order to use any component?

yeah just import it like this: import DateRangePicker from 'rsuite/lib/DateRangePicker'

1 reply
Tennyson Obed
Dropdown trigger="click" is not closing after i choose a dropDownItem
Bryan Jazo
Hey Kind of confused on how to import the template Navbar they have i followed the steps but its not really that clear
Hello I have a question is there some default CSS for rsuite, because whenever I try to use an item it doesn't look like it does on the rsuite page?
Willian Carminatti
There's any way i can get onBlur on the input ?
Guy Ponimansky
There is an issue right on your website

Meridian format

Changes Meridian from PM to AM when changing hour.

Carlos Diaz
Hey, is there a way to make everything responsive?
hello. why i can't drag and drop items on mobile device https://rsuitejs.com/components/tree ?
can i resolve it?
i cant install rsuite. i get a bunch o errors
npm ERR! ERESOLVE unable to resolve dependency tree
Peter Hu
How to use CheckTree onSelect porps? anyone?
How use Local Jalali DatePicker with rsuite datePicker?
I am using rsuite in react. What's the easiest way to setup an onclick for a Timeline.Item? Currently, it seems like the component doesn't give access to a ref.
Vigneswaren Krishnamoorthy

Hi all..having problems when I am trying to access some properties which i want to display in a <Cell> tried so many options but doesn't seem to work..

{"__typename":"Person","name":"Chance Clarens","reports_to":[{"__typename":"Person","name":"James Wagner"}]}

            {(rowData, rowIndex) => {
              return <span key={rowIndex}>{rowData.reports_to.name}</span>

I am not able to display the reports_to.name key at all. If i just use reports_to as the data key , in the console it throws an error where I need to use array.
I am a newbie to rsuite btw.

Trying using rowData.reports_to.map(who => who.name)
Your report_to is an array

@simonguo @andy_law__twitter problem with gatsby removing proptype, you can just add the following to the gatsby-node.js file ```exports.onCreateWebpackConfig = ({ getConfig, actions, stage }) => {
const webpackConfig = getConfig()

if (stage === "build-javascript") {
const dependencyRulesIndex = webpackConfig.module.rules.findIndex(
(rule) => {
return (
rule.test &&
rule.test.toString() === "/\.(js|mjs)$/" &&
typeof rule.exclude === "function"

webpackConfig.module.rules.splice(dependencyRulesIndex, 1)



this will prevent proptype from being removed
Can anyone help with daterangepicker I wish to trigger the second calendar only when I click on custom range button which I made using ranges property of Daterangepicker.
1 reply
Muhammad Zahid Hasan
Is there any way to use Material UI icon in <IconButton>?
Sergej Melihov
Hello, everybody
Nice to meet you
I am young with React Suite and have a problem
Md. Aminul Islam Sarker
did anyone ever face problem with image base64 encoding along with the prefixed line of WebKitFormBoundary
Md. Aminul Islam Sarker

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="pexels-diana-8585133.jpg"; filename="pexels-tobi-631988.jpg"
Content-Type: image/jpeg



In uploader component this image boundary making file corrupted in AWS S3. Any solution will be highly appreciated.

Cesar Ortiz
how change the theme a custom theme
i use custom-theme.less but dont work
oneday willcome
here two month view
can i reduce to one
and can i modify colors?
Is there a specific npm command for installing rsuite 5? tried npm i rsuite (failed), npm i @rsuite, npm i rsuite@next
npm i rsuite@next --save also results in an ERESOLVE error
Alexei Eshchenko

just installed yarn add rsuite@next
but, TagInput (https://rsuite-next-mnin1rjm9-rsuite.vercel.app/components/tag-input/) is missing in library

How can i get the version with taginput?

Yiran Ni
I got the following error when I use MultiCascader. It rendered correctly but returned this error when I tried to select any of the options. Has anyone encountered similar error before?
Hi @simonguo , does v5 solves the old less-loader issue?
Jackson Zambrano
Hello there
how can I use the searchBy property of the selectPicker?
Hello, when I input something in TextField in Form - it always drop focus. I have formValue and setFormValue for keep my data. Also I use Typescript.
Kallebe Gomes Bezerra