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    SevenOutman on picker-non-existing-value

    fix(SelectPicker): display giveā€¦ (compare)

Guy Ponimansky

Meridian format

Changes Meridian from PM to AM when changing hour.

Carlos Diaz
Hey, is there a way to make everything responsive?
hello. why i can't drag and drop items on mobile device https://rsuitejs.com/components/tree ?
can i resolve it?
i cant install rsuite. i get a bunch o errors
npm ERR! ERESOLVE unable to resolve dependency tree
Peter Hu
How to use CheckTree onSelect porps? anyone?
How use Local Jalali DatePicker with rsuite datePicker?
I am using rsuite in react. What's the easiest way to setup an onclick for a Timeline.Item? Currently, it seems like the component doesn't give access to a ref.
Vigneswaren Krishnamoorthy

Hi all..having problems when I am trying to access some properties which i want to display in a <Cell> tried so many options but doesn't seem to work..

{"__typename":"Person","name":"Chance Clarens","reports_to":[{"__typename":"Person","name":"James Wagner"}]}

            {(rowData, rowIndex) => {
              return <span key={rowIndex}>{rowData.reports_to.name}</span>

I am not able to display the reports_to.name key at all. If i just use reports_to as the data key , in the console it throws an error where I need to use array.
I am a newbie to rsuite btw.

Trying using rowData.reports_to.map(who => who.name)
Your report_to is an array

@simonguo @andy_law__twitter problem with gatsby removing proptype, you can just add the following to the gatsby-node.js file ```exports.onCreateWebpackConfig = ({ getConfig, actions, stage }) => {
const webpackConfig = getConfig()

if (stage === "build-javascript") {
const dependencyRulesIndex = webpackConfig.module.rules.findIndex(
(rule) => {
return (
rule.test &&
rule.test.toString() === "/\.(js|mjs)$/" &&
typeof rule.exclude === "function"

webpackConfig.module.rules.splice(dependencyRulesIndex, 1)



this will prevent proptype from being removed
Can anyone help with daterangepicker I wish to trigger the second calendar only when I click on custom range button which I made using ranges property of Daterangepicker.
1 reply
Muhammad Zahid Hasan
Is there any way to use Material UI icon in <IconButton>?
Sergej Melihov
Hello, everybody
Nice to meet you
I am young with React Suite and have a problem
Md. Aminul Islam Sarker
did anyone ever face problem with image base64 encoding along with the prefixed line of WebKitFormBoundary
Md. Aminul Islam Sarker

Content-Disposition: form-data; name="pexels-diana-8585133.jpg"; filename="pexels-tobi-631988.jpg"
Content-Type: image/jpeg



In uploader component this image boundary making file corrupted in AWS S3. Any solution will be highly appreciated.

Cesar Ortiz
how change the theme a custom theme
i use custom-theme.less but dont work
oneday willcome
here two month view
can i reduce to one
and can i modify colors?
Is there a specific npm command for installing rsuite 5? tried npm i rsuite (failed), npm i @rsuite, npm i rsuite@next
npm i rsuite@next --save also results in an ERESOLVE error
Alexei Eshchenko

just installed yarn add rsuite@next
but, TagInput (https://rsuite-next-mnin1rjm9-rsuite.vercel.app/components/tag-input/) is missing in library

How can i get the version with taginput?

Yiran Ni
I got the following error when I use MultiCascader. It rendered correctly but returned this error when I tried to select any of the options. Has anyone encountered similar error before?
Hi @simonguo , does v5 solves the old less-loader issue?
Jackson Zambrano
Hello there
how can I use the searchBy property of the selectPicker?
Hello, when I input something in TextField in Form - it always drop focus. I have formValue and setFormValue for keep my data. Also I use Typescript.
Kallebe Gomes Bezerra
I have a problem, how can I put a background with a different color in the rsuites drawer, I already tried it with the styles property but it doesn't work
oh, got it, just needed to import the dark css theme lol
S Rehman Ali
Hello everyone!
I was trying to install rsuite to my newly created react app but it end up with an error: Fix the upstream dependency conflict
do I have to update my npm
I'm having issues trying to replicate the 2nd Nav tabs example under the Appearance section from https://rsuitejs.com/components/nav/, I was able to hook up the dark theme, but for some reason the formatting of my navbar is off from the site example - I did not add any css.
why is there no img upload here?
Hi, how to parse defaultValue on DateRangePicker? I am using the same array that I use to set the value onChange but it doesnt display as defualt when parsed as prop
Any way to get decimals on the slider?
1 reply
Nvm figured it out with step
Efren Biay Valdez
Hi Everyone, need help. I'm trying to retain the keyword that I type in the tagpicker every time I select an Item. Is that possible?
arneil barba
is these react suite is free license?
1 reply