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Is there a specific npm command for installing rsuite 5? tried npm i rsuite (failed), npm i @rsuite, npm i rsuite@next
npm i rsuite@next --save also results in an ERESOLVE error
Alexei Eshchenko

just installed yarn add rsuite@next
but, TagInput (https://rsuite-next-mnin1rjm9-rsuite.vercel.app/components/tag-input/) is missing in library

How can i get the version with taginput?

Yiran Ni
I got the following error when I use MultiCascader. It rendered correctly but returned this error when I tried to select any of the options. Has anyone encountered similar error before?
Hi @simonguo , does v5 solves the old less-loader issue?
Jackson Zambrano
Hello there
how can I use the searchBy property of the selectPicker?
Hello, when I input something in TextField in Form - it always drop focus. I have formValue and setFormValue for keep my data. Also I use Typescript.
Kallebe Gomes Bezerra
I have a problem, how can I put a background with a different color in the rsuites drawer, I already tried it with the styles property but it doesn't work
oh, got it, just needed to import the dark css theme lol
S Rehman Ali
Hello everyone!
I was trying to install rsuite to my newly created react app but it end up with an error: Fix the upstream dependency conflict
do I have to update my npm
I'm having issues trying to replicate the 2nd Nav tabs example under the Appearance section from https://rsuitejs.com/components/nav/, I was able to hook up the dark theme, but for some reason the formatting of my navbar is off from the site example - I did not add any css.
why is there no img upload here?
Hi, how to parse defaultValue on DateRangePicker? I am using the same array that I use to set the value onChange but it doesnt display as defualt when parsed as prop
Any way to get decimals on the slider?
1 reply
Nvm figured it out with step
Efren Biay Valdez
Hi Everyone, need help. I'm trying to retain the keyword that I type in the tagpicker every time I select an Item. Is that possible?
arneil barba
is these react suite is free license?
1 reply
James Spadafora
Hey all, anyone out these have a dark theme Nextjs example? I am having trouble getting the CustomProvider to swap to dark theme
1 reply
Type '{ name: string; data: { label: string; value: string; }[]; accepter: PickerComponent<SelectPickerProps<ValueType>>; }' is not assignable to type 'IntrinsicAttributes & Omit<Pick<DetailedHTMLProps<HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement>, HTMLDivElement>, "key" | keyof HTMLAttributes<...>> & { ...; }, WithAsProps<...> & FormControlProps<...>> & WithAsProps<...> & FormControlProps<...> & { ...; }'.
Property 'data' does not exist on type 'IntrinsicAttributes & Omit<Pick<DetailedHTMLProps<HTMLAttributes<HTMLDivElement>, HTMLDivElement>, "key" | keyof HTMLAttributes<...>> & { ...; }, WithAsProps<...> & FormControlProps<...>> & WithAsProps<...> & FormControlProps<...> & { ...; }'
1 reply
That cannot be compiled! <Form.Control name="hoby" data={[{label:'A',value:'A'}]} accepter={SelectPicker} />
Florian Meinert
Hey guys. Does someone now how I get rid of the (All) in CheckTreePicker?
2 replies
Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-27 um 12.45.22.png
Florian Meinert
got it
rsuite/esm/FormControl/FromControl.d.ts:declare const FormControl: RsRefForwardingComponent<'div', FormControlProps>; --> ... P & FormControlProps>;
1 reply
Hi I need to read about Alert component but there is no page available to read about it
2 replies
What should I do ?
Hello, I am trying to follow the table examples from this page but I'm getting an error that "HeaderCell" is not exported from rsuite even though it's showing in this documentation. Any ideas? https://rsuitejs.com/components/table/
Is the documentation outdated?

Please disregard...I see now that HeaderCell comes from Table and not rsuite directly.
import { Table } from 'rsuite'

const { Column, HeaderCell, Cell, Pagination } = Table

Mussa Charles
Hello, I'm new here and I'm trying to use DateRangePicker but I have the issue on 'Ranges' I don't see how to get callback when ranges shortcut clicked by user. Please help. See the link below https://rsuitejs.com/components/date-range-picker/#ranges
Mussa Charles
now I see, I need to use onChange event callback will be fired when changes occured. :)
Hi, Does anyone know how to use form <Control> with textarea as accepter in v.5?
I managed to use it but when I type the textarea is filled with [Object object] instead of the text.
the only way I found to circumvent this is to set the value, and set the form value of that field using the onChange function. I'm still stuck with the schema validation, which shouts that this field is not of StringType
1 reply

hi all, in rsuite ver 5.0.0 not working nav with react-router-dom ? https://codesandbox.io/s/keen-nightingale-sm1dg?file=/src/index.js

if i change the version rsuite to 4.10.0 everything starts working

1 reply
Ziyodulloxon Ubaydullayev
Hi, I have problem wirh toaster. toaster.push(<Message header={error} type="error"/>). TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'push')
2 replies
I am can't able to set the default value initially in multicascader
1 reply
fx koppa
I need to change the css for dropdown
if some could assisst me to change in some css , it would be appreciated
Fernando Ferreira
Hi guys! I'd like some help... I'm trying to prevent rendering the marked items in the CheckPicker component, can somebody help me? My goal is to render, in another part of the page, the Tag component with the selected value
1 reply
hi, i want to know components table
row color, each row is diffirance color and custom row color
Tennyson Obed
Can somebody tell Where can we find the icons and their names of the pervious version of rsuite .
hey, how can I prevent popover to close when selecting an item from input picker, thanks.
Lahiru Udayanga
hey folks, I'm having an issue with the upload component. I'm using AWS S3 presigned urls and they provide a PUT method to upload files. But the upload components sends a POST. How to change the request type from POST to PUT ?
I guess this is a common use case and maybe there's a easy way to do other than sending the request manually and handling callbacks ?
Hi, If I only need to use a few of these components,
can I install only these components?
Omar Belghaouti
In production, how much size will the bundle be?
Florian Meinert
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-08 um 13.22.47.png