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Lucas Rogerio Codogno
Hello my friends
Joost van Berkel

@SevenOutman Hi! Awesome work you guys are doing. Rsuite absolute beast.

I need a small fix to get the Uploader to work for graphql-upload. It seems that the order of formdata fields are strict which means I encounter this error:
"Misordered multipart fields; files should follow ‘map’".


Could you switch line https://github.com/rsuite/rsuite/blob/ea54e642ee08a1dafdbb87730fcf50adda6d08be/src/utils/ajaxUpload.ts#L55

To the end of the formdata initialization?

sendableData = new FormData();
sendableData.append(name, file, file.name);
for (const key in data) {
sendableData.append(key, data[key]);

sendableData = new FormData();
for (const key in data) {
sendableData.append(key, data[key]);
sendableData.append(name, file, file.name);

hey guys, does anyone knows if there is an event listener for the Panel component? (onOpen={})
Hello, I have a question about the DateRangePicker. Why do the calendars show a day/month at the top in the header rather than just a month? It doesn't make sense to have a day there, and leads to confusing behavior... for example, if you choose a range May 12 - May 15, the first calendar header will say May 12, and the second calendar will show "June 15" because it is using the day from the end date, but month of June

Typo issue in popover documentation under Default Examples.

default is spelled as defalut

const instance = (
  <div style={{ height: 100, position: 'relative' }}>
    <Popover title="Title" visible>
      <p>This is a defalut Popover </p>
Guys please help me. can we fix web accessibility issues and can we enable web accessibility for rsuite datepicker
i am stucked on this if anyone knows to help really it is very helpful for me. please do the needful as soon as possible
is this library suitable for typescript
Hasan Zohdy
@purtiAggarwal Yup
Hello, when I use the form validation, it works for empty fields, but when the fields come with a value, the validation shows the error message, I need to type in the field for the validation to understand the field is not empty. Did anybody have the same problem ?
Hi , does someone know how to customize input ( input-picker ) height with less variables without rewriting css directly ? I played a bit with variables from github repo ( offiscial rsuite/variables ) but i could not figured out
Hi, is it possible to keep the container sidebar on the screen, on content scroll?
Andreas Schneider
Is it possible to show the correct "to" date in the top right corner of the date-range-picker box?
if I choose 23-25 june the right "to" date shows 25.july instead of june
very missleading
Soran Ismail
Hey guys, I am trying to set the default value for the SelectPicker component like so:
<SelectPicker data={data} searchable={false} cleanable={false} defaultValue={props.defaultValue.toString()} />
For some reason though I can't get it to work... is there a reason for this?
Hi! I am working with tables and there is sortable table, so my question is can i sort by multiple columns?
Guri Sandhu

When I use Slider', I am unable to get the styling in React 18 version. But it was working in React 17.

Does anyone know why it's not working in React 18?

Many thanks

John Aldrin
view:"daterangepicker", name:"default", width:500, label:"Default",
value:{start: new Date(), end: props.Date.add(new Date(), 1, "month")}
Anyone use rsuite with graphql??
Guri Sandhu
Is Rsuite compatible with React 18?
Guilherme Koerber
Hi folks,
I'm using Rsuite's Progress.Circle component in my project, but the text of "25%" appears in the upper left corner of the progress bar, in the documentation it says it would be in the center of the bar.
I tried to adjust by CSS but I'm not getting it, does anyone know how to put the text in the center of the progress bar?
Guilherme Koerber
how to flip Sidenav
its now left to right
ineed right to left
Juliant Daniel Latuary
how to make table striped?
Avik Kundu
Bootstrap like design with droplet effect
Can I use the buttons to close and open all the Trees?
How are you ?
How can i specify the method of uploader?
Anjan Kumar
Hii I am using Datepicker for picking time
I need seconds selector in 15 seconds interval
3 replies
Poorly Documented, please improve your documentation with better examples
Hi, defaultValue for TagPicker does not work for me. defaultValue={['inputAlias - 8059d057-de2c-42d2-97e6-a745412617c3']}

renderMark={mark => {
if ([64, 128, 256, 512, 1024].includes(mark)) {
return <span>{mark} GB</span>;
return null;

What is mark in this render part

Hi! what we do additional to add lib to webpack project?
I'm having error while compiling rsuite's css. https://www.toptal.com/developers/hastebin/exihoduhet.csharp
in nextjs
it is fixed
How can I footer text?
Hi, how do you edit the icon color for Steps?