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Drew Johnson
Hi all - I'm also a rank amateur coming to my first hacknight, and just thought I'd stick a quick hi up here as I'll be too late for the 'introduce yourself' bit tonight. Looking forward to it!
Lorenzo Barasti
Hello! I just made it through the waiting list! Tonight I'd like to introduce a gem I've been working on in the last few months.
I'd love to get some feedback from you. In case you are interested have a look at the README :)
James Campbell
Unfortunatly still on the wating list but just thought I'ld hang out here remotley :)
@jcampbell05 no worries, next time feel free to drop by! usually we have plenty of space so the waiting list is technically not always dependable :P
James Campbell
Ah in that case I'll come over, I'm not far away :)
James Campbell
So I've arrived anyone got any great projects I can join ?
hey @jcampbell05 just added you to the rubyhacknight org and team. you should be able to contribute to the repo now!
James Campbell
Awesome :)
Cheers !
@Greyschale I have a PR - Adds some basic information and bootstrap for styling, let me know your thoughts. rubyhacknight/rubyhacknight#4
sweet! I'll take a look
James Campbell
@Greyschale cracked the bootstrap issue.
Hey folks, I'm struggling a bit with model validations at the moment, does anyone know a good blog post/tutorial for this?
Alan Gabbianelli
@globalavocado Rails documentation is usually very good, have you taken a look at this? http://guides.rubyonrails.org/active_record_validations.html#why-use-validations-questionmark
It helped me to understand it
@jcampbell05 sorry didn't see your message. awesome though! :D
@AlanGabbianelli thanks, yes I might have to start right from the beginning again.
Drew Johnson
Hi all - thought I'd post a wee message as I'll again be coming from work and will probably arrive too late for introductions etc. I'm currently learning to use Sinatra and trying to get clear on how to test in it with RSpec, but will most likely come sit on the newbie table again and see what everyone's up to. Looking forward it!
James Campbell
@Greyschale no problem
Alan Gabbianelli
Hi all, today will be my first one, so please be nice and gentle😁😂
Hey all :) for a voice/screen sharing programming help/project/challenges/tutorials/mentors group please join us at https://discord.gg/9qAm9
Philipp Fehre
Jairo Diaz
Hi guys! Your are all invited to the London Ruby Unconference on Sat, Oct 22. Please join us with your friends. Get your tickets today here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/london-ruby-unconference-tickets-27663867372?aff=Hacknight
Andrew Farrell
Hi folks, I'm going to be working on learning chef if anyone wants to join me, I'm wearing a blue hat with a red 'B'
Jairo Diaz
Thanks Andrew for suggesting, we forgot to give you the chance to introduce the topic! Sorry!
Amar Atwal
Hi All, Great Ruby Hacknight at Carwow HQ! As I said at the Hacknight, I have a challenging problem, which was quite a task for the short time we had.
Here's an explanation and if you fancy a challenge then please have a go:
Jairo Diaz
Thanks Amar for posting!
Hi Guys l m new beginner want to learn Ruby . As anyone into Ruby automation in Rspec with capybara
Faris Oweis
Hola everyone
I've been in touch with some of you separately so thought I'd drop a line here to everyone
launching a product at London Tech Week next week running on the ground events and virtual hackathon to build product that makes cities better
check it out here:
let me know if you have any questions or can meet up if you're around in the coming days
Octopus in vitro✨🐙✨
If anybody is searching for a job, knows someone who is searching for a job, or is thinking of changing to a job that has meaning and makes good to the world, you could come pair-program with me and my teamies at our human-rights charity!
Small team (4 people), we make decisions together, your voice counts.
We are building new projects not only with Ruby, you can come and learn new tools with us and grow as a professional!
Take a look here:
Dante Tsang
Hello, I am Dante. Just arrived in London two months ago. Currently studying Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School. I am wonder what channel can I find freelance web development job here in London? Thanks. Cheers.
Mohammed Jowardhar
Hi, I am trying to RSVP on meetup for this months hacknight. But it keeps saying invalid member even though i joined. How can I confirm my attendance? Thanks
Mohammed Jowardhar
I’ve managed to rsvp. See you all there.
Hey guys sorry to crash the group with a job post. We're a small startup in Old street looking for a Senior Ruby developer with experience in MongoDb would anyone be interested or could recommend anyone? It would also be great to also get some advice about where Ruby dev's look for work.
@stevejwikeley Do you have any intern/junior dev roles going?
Vishnu R Menon
Hi everyone! Just joined the group. Hailing from Singapore but currently studying in London. Had been following Ruby/Rails from Rails 2.3-4.2 but lost touch last few years. Just recently started working on a sideproject on Rails. Wow, so much has changed! Really excited to meet you guys in the upcoming hacknight!
Oto Brglez
Is this group still active?
Mike Jeuga
Hi Everyone, is this group still active ?
Fabbri Paolo
Anyone here?
Jairo Diaz
No, I don't think, people are here, sorry!