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    Christoph Olszowka
    Hello :earth_africa:
    Christoph Olszowka
    Oh, somebody showed up :D Moin @arbox :)
    Christoph Olszowka
    Hi @edwingioflo13 :)
    Hi - some gems in the catalog have names that I'm not sure if are actual gems or not, like LeaVerou/CSSS - what is this?
    Christoph Olszowka
    Hi @chrisseaton, this is somewhat of a legacy feature. When the Ruby Toolbox started out many projects were not being bundled as gems but were available only from github, so ruby toolbox also supports github-only projects. Their data will get indexed by the site if they're referenced in a category in the catalog (https://github.com/rubytoolbox/catalog)
    Ok thanks.
    Christoph Olszowka
    Florian Dutey
    Hi there
    I was looking to add gems to the catalog but Im facing the following problem: I'd like to add the gems (there are 2 actually) under "dependencies injection" category. This category does not exist, yet, when I search those term in the search bar, I can find a lot of gems related to this aspect
    I have the feeling im missing something :p
    Christoph Olszowka
    @fdutey Hey there! It's absolutely possible that this category does not exist, the catalog is hand-curated by myself and the community contributing to it. Things might be miscategorized, things might be missing a category, categories might have a too wide scope :) That being said, that sounds like a very reasonable category to add. I would suggest to put it under the "Code Organization" group. You can simply create a YML file that resembles the others in the correct group folder and send a PR :) Thanks!
    Florian Dutey
    im gonna give it a look, thanks for your answer :)
    Eric Berry
    Hey all!
    @colszowka I'm the founder of CodeFund (https://codefund.app).. our goal is to help fund maintainers and projects that help the open source ecosystem... I would love to chat with you about helping add to the funds received for ruby-toolbox
    Christoph Olszowka
    @coderberry Thanks for reaching out, I got back to your tweet at https://twitter.com/TheDeadSerious/status/1101221068637913089 :)
    Fabian Rodriguez
    Hi all, is there an rubytoolbox API?
    Phuong Nguyen Van
    i have problem mutiple proccess on same document mongodb, i have research this gem. but i don't know it's have affect to mongoid ?
    if anyone used to use this gem.
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    Thomas Leitner

    @colszowka I was browsing the toolbox and searched for PDF (https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/search?q=pdf).

    The ranking algorithm seems to be a bit off because for example git-scribe (https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/projects/git-scribe) has a score of 0.69 whereas HexaPDF (https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/projects/hexapdf) only has a score of 0.43. I haven't looked up the ranking algorithm but HexaPDF's last release this February and it has 600K downloads whereas git-scribe's last release was in 2011 and only has 30K downloads.

    Although I'm the author of HexaPDF I don't think it is biased to say that the rank of HexaPDF should be better than the one of git-scribe.

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    David Cruwys
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