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Nov 2014
Justin Campbell
Nov 20 2014 15:27
im getting this when trying
Process didn't exit successfully: rustc codegen/ --crate-name build-script-main --crate-type bin -C prefer-dynamic -g --out-dir /Users/Justin/Code/nickel/target/build/http-1e2185d5ce7c0ba2 --dep-info /Users/Justin/Code/nickel/target/.fingerprint/http-1e2185d5ce7c0ba2/dep-bin-build-script-main -L /Users/Justin/Code/nickel/target/deps -L /Users/Justin/Code/nickel/target/deps -Awarnings (status=101)
make: * [deps] Error 101
codegen/ 301:78 error: unknown format trait u
codegen/ try!(write!(out, " {:u} => {},\n", status.code, status.ident()));
Pierre Krieger
Nov 20 2014 15:28
this is caused by a breaking change in the latest rustc nightlies
just wait until the maintainers update, or ping them
Justin Campbell
Nov 20 2014 15:31
ah ok, thanks