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Jul 2015
Ashwin Jeyaseelan
Jul 05 2015 18:29
Hello, I was recently looking into Rust and decided to learn it. What kinds of applications is this language really good for/ useful? And are there many jobs for this?
Kevin K.
Jul 05 2015 18:31
High performance applications that can't risk using a garbage collector are great. But I'm also finding Rust to be a great fit where I was previously using things like Python and Go. This isn't to say there isn't a significant learning curve, but I'd say it's well worth it!
Sebastian Thiel
Jul 05 2015 19:32
Ashwin Jeyaseelan
Jul 05 2015 19:49
i see. Thanks! I was using go but got turned off by the lack of generics, and since JAVA is my first language I like that a lot. I guess I'll try Rust.