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Jul 2015
Thomas Koehler
Jul 23 2015 08:39
Is there a RefCell which can only be mutably borrowed, thus not needing to keep track of immutable borrows ? Would that be pointless ?
Erik Hedvall
Jul 23 2015 08:45
There is Mutex, but it may be too much. Anyway, I think the chechs in RefCell may get optimized away if they are unnecessary.
Martin Linkhorst
Jul 23 2015 21:16
honestly, this just happened on the first run after completing rust’s awesome guessing game tutorial:
code/rust/guessing_game  [master]
$ cargo run
     Running `target/debug/guessing_game`
Guess the number!
Please input your guess.
You guessed: 50
Too big!
Please input your guess.
You guessed: 25
Too small!
Please input your guess.
You guessed: 42
You win!