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Oct 2015
Andy Russell
Oct 19 2015 17:16
hey folks, question about cargo conventions. I have a rust binary that will be used only for development, and it will probably have it's own set of deps, etc. Should this be implemented as a sub-crate?
Andy Russell
Oct 19 2015 18:33
I should clarify -- this binary meant to assist with development of the main crate
Oct 19 2015 18:34
euclio: Yes I suppose it would make sense to seperate them. Also, if they share a chunk of code you could create another crate for that.
Note that you don't necessarily need seperate repos if you don't want to.
Andy Russell
Oct 19 2015 19:38
ok, so say I have a subcrate inside my main crate. how would developers of the main crate be expected to run that binary? Just cd'ing into the folder and using cargo run?
Remi Rampin
Oct 19 2015 21:04