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Mar 2016
probably more of a linux question:
is it possible to have a self-updating single-binary programs in rust?
i.e. an application that checks for a new version, downloads a new version, replaces the binary and restarts itself?
I know that this probably won't work on win ...
Vladimir Matveev
Mar 30 2016 19:11
@soc it is fairly easy to do on linux, but it is indeed problematic on windows
actually, a few days ago I was reading that part of the new rustup which does exactly this
here and below, I think
@netvl thanks, don't care about windows
kind of annoying that it's easier to update a binary with a new version number manually than figuring out the newest version of some package on Maven Central automatically.
there are some APIs for querying that stuff, but they all require authentication/paid stuff
oh, found something! :-)