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Jun 2016
Wang Shidong
Jun 01 2016 12:37
is this channal sync with irc #rust?
just like neovim's channal
Remi Rampin
Jun 01 2016 18:36
@wsdjeg: no
Jun 01 2016 21:25
Hey, does anyone know if there's been any good scientific applications written in Rust? I'm looking for papers to read about their implementations and I figure this is a good place to start.
Jun 01 2016 23:20
It looks like someone was making a SciRust but it looks abandoned.
Ruben Tytgat
Jun 01 2016 23:39
hey, thanks! :D
Jun 01 2016 23:39
@angryzor as i understand it, a lifetime represents how long something lives for. in your example, Foo lives for lifetimes a. therefore, the reference it contains at x must life for the same lifetime