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Jun 2016
Jun 21 2016 01:08
Hey everyone! I'm new to rust (not new to programming). I'm trying to learn rust by reading I find that some thins are really confusing and unexplained. Which really impedes understanding & learning. I'm quite experienced programmer, and with google and experience I got through parts I didn't understand, but it took me way too long than it should had while reading a book. So, my question is: is there a person I can write a compiled list of stuff which really confused me and what can be improved in the book?
Aditya Singh
Jun 21 2016 03:48 The source code of the book is available on Github. So you can actually edit the book and submit a pull request.
Sergey Noskov
Jun 21 2016 05:55
@Svoka_twitter you can also create an issue there if describing your thoughts
Jun 21 2016 11:56
@Svoka_twitter you are not alone. if you're not coming from c++ and have a good fp, say haskell, background, you're kind of screwed with your first steps. but the community is very willing and helpful. still - it was and is very hard to learn rust, at least for me. It's like you never did fp before coming from an oo world and get confronted with monads, comprehensions, kinds and so on. even if your experience counts in years or decades. for me this makes it even harder :-)
Regis Boudinot
Jun 21 2016 23:52
@Svoka_twitter It took me almost 3 months to start feeling comfortable enough in Rust. I come from a Ruby/Javascript background. So most of the learning curve was low level concepts, static typing, inferred types, immutability, and the borrow checker. Been programming just over a year, so experience may vary :smile: