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Aug 2016
Fletcher Haynes
Aug 12 2016 04:29
Hello! Is there a way to split a String on just the first occurrence of a delimiter?
Fletcher Haynes
Aug 12 2016 04:31
ahh, splitn is what I was looking for. Thank you, I somehow missed that in the docs
Aug 12 2016 13:49
Hello. Is there anyone used rust-crypto to encrypt and decrypt stream data?
Seems SynchronousStreamCipher is what I want, but there is only a method named "process" to do encrypt and I can't find the method which do decrypt
Sergey Noskov
Aug 12 2016 14:06
@loggerhead , are you sure you're about correct semantics here? It seems to me that this trait is more about stream ciphers(, but not about encrypting stream data
Anyways since stream ciphers are using xor, the decrypt operation is repeating of encrypt operation on encrypted data.
Aug 12 2016 14:12
I have read the wiki, seems "SynchronousStreamCipher::process" is used to encrypt stream data. Otherwise, what's function it provide?
Oh, thank you very much! I have been stuck at finding a way to decrypt stream data because of my ignorant of the working principle.
Aug 12 2016 18:42
hi all, I am working on a concurrent ping program (send ping to multiple hosts at the same time). I got the basic - send/receive icmp packets for now. I am trying to make this async using mioco lib. But being new to concurrent programming, I am stuck.