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Sep 2016
Jonas mg
Sep 16 2016 09:06
what editor has better support for Rust?
Sep 16 2016 09:12
.. a matter of taste. I use Atom.
Sergey Noskov
Sep 16 2016 09:17
Jonas mg
Sep 16 2016 09:48
After of testing some of them, I installed Sublime
Which is the prepered indentation? Tabulations of 2 or 4 spaces? Convert tab. to spaces?
Sergey Noskov
Sep 16 2016 09:50
You usually have rustfmt, that does the right job
Jonas mg
Sep 16 2016 09:51
@Albibek it's to configure the editor
Sergey Noskov
Sep 16 2016 09:54
I've tried to find the style guidelines document, but it's somehow absent in the docs now
I think you could run rustfmt with default options to see what it does, but afaik, the common practice is to integrate the rustfmt itself to the editor
Sergey Noskov
Sep 16 2016 09:59
also they say
By default, Rustfmt uses a style which (mostly) conforms to the Rust style guidelines. There are many details which the style guidelines do not cover, and in these cases we try to adhere to a style similar to that used in the Rust repo. Once Rustfmt is more complete, and able to re-format large repositories like Rust, we intend to go through the Rust RFC process to nail down the default style in detail.
Jonas mg
Sep 16 2016 10:00
Peter Atashian
Sep 16 2016 14:06
I hate rustfmt's aligned indentation style
Sergey Noskov
Sep 16 2016 15:25
it's probably configurable
at least line lenght is
Daniel Collin
Sep 16 2016 16:27
@retep998 there is an RFC process now for the the style guide (as seen on the internal list) :)
Sep 16 2016 23:47
oh cool, i was unaware of textadept
it looks cool.
vim does the trick for me though when i write rust