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Sep 2016
Sep 17 2016 11:53

Hi all, trying to install rustfmt but I'm getting an error with the Rust code used? Specifically:

rustfmt-0.6.2/src/ 1159:18 error: `if let` arms have incompatible types: expected `&syntax::ptr::P<syntax::ast::Expr>`, found `&syntax::ast::Expr` (expected struct `syntax::ptr::P`, found struct `syntax::ast::Expr`) [E0308]

This causes failed to compilerustfmt v0.6.2, intermediate artifacts can be found at

rustc --version gives rustc 1.8.0 (db2939409 2016-04-11) and cargo --version gives cargo 0.9.0-nightly (8fc3fd8 2016-02-29)
Any ideas on how to fix this?
Daniel Collin
Sep 17 2016 19:53
@mlk5060 tried to upgrade to latest stable?