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Sep 2016
Robert Stone
Sep 28 2016 02:09 UTC
holy..... this room has a lot of people in it. Hello
Ian Henry
Sep 28 2016 02:17 UTC
Robert Stone
Sep 28 2016 02:27 UTC
don't mind me I'm just rust curious at the moment. seems like the greatest thing since sliced bread
Markus Siemens
Sep 28 2016 09:11 UTC
One may say that Rust allows one to slice bread safely :D
Vincent Cantin
Sep 28 2016 09:44 UTC
Some say that Rust allows to cut multiple slices of the bread at the same time and safely.
Ian Henry
Sep 28 2016 15:47 UTC
or even multiple slices from multiple loaves safely and very fast :sparkles:
Remi Rampin
Sep 28 2016 16:21 UTC
I am French and tell me more!
Robert Stone
Sep 28 2016 19:53 UTC
All I know is that writing multi-threaded code while having to do manual mutex locking seems like a recipe for disaster. Languages really need better support for concurrency in this day and age where multi-core processors are the norm and you can't use the whole processor without multi-threadding.
Sep 28 2016 20:07 UTC
Well, with parallel code, you should be avoiding locks like the plague.
They serialize things when they need to be but they're often the kiss of death with regards to performance.
Actually, I think I heard Rust had some issues on Windows with recursive mutexes
Sep 28 2016 20:18 UTC
I think the real problem isn't so much language as it is the fact that parallel code is just harder to reason about
And the hardware is iffy
The fact that write and read instructions are allowed to overlap each other for a specified memory location is super lame. And it shouldn't be my problem, imo.