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Sep 2016
Robert Stone
Sep 29 2016 07:15 UTC
I think the radical solution to all that was supposed to be Erlang type stuff with lots of little threads all passing messages to each other. Not sure if it just hasn't caught on or if it's too much of a performance hit, too hard to do as efficiently, etc. (Actually I haven't looked at erlang in years so i forget exactly how it works, but it was something like that.)
Richard Guay
Sep 29 2016 10:37 UTC
Anyone know why the brew install rust on macOS Siera takes over 24 hours and still doesn't finish? It is running the rustc compiler (I'm assuming compiling libraries maybe?). I can not get it to finish. Any ideas?
Kevin K.
Sep 29 2016 12:01 UTC
Not sure, but I far prefer using rustup
Mobile autocorrect :P
Andrey Lesnikov
Sep 29 2016 12:03 UTC
@raguay I'm not sure if this is related but current nightly ICEs on travis/osx for my app:
Ian Henry
Sep 29 2016 12:13 UTC
Definitely would also suggest rustup
Sep 29 2016 14:40 UTC
What's the difference? (I'm on windows and I use precompiled binaries, release, not nightly)
Not actually setup and use on a daily basis tho, just trying it out
Kevin K.
Sep 29 2016 14:52 UTC
Even with only using stable, updating rust is as simple as rustup update stable but then should you need to one day use nightly on some project it's a single rustup override add nightly in that dir, everything else still uses stable.
It's all automatic
Actually you could just do rustup update to update everything and make it even shorter
Sep 29 2016 15:02 UTC
Peter Atashian
Sep 29 2016 21:41 UTC
Basically you always want to use unless you have a good reason otherwise