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Oct 2016
Oct 08 2016 09:35
hey,guys. I have a confusion here
func (s *raftScheduler) Start(stopper *stop.Stopper) {
    for i := 0; i < cap(s.notify); i++ {
        stopper.RunWorker(func() {
the code above process raft command concurrently, how does it guarantee the order of committed raft entries to apply into rocksdb?
Jonas Platte
Oct 08 2016 10:30
@a6802739 You're in the Rust gitter here, I doubt many people will be able to help you with Go code ^^
Oct 08 2016 11:30
^^, sorry. @jplatte
Oct 08 2016 12:07
I like snake case... Golang hurts my eyes
I guess I'm never working at Google
Michael Howell
Oct 08 2016 16:55
Hate to break it to you, but Rust uses UpperCamelCase for type names.
Oct 08 2016 17:07
yeah yeah I know
It's just for functions
like in ruby, module names WithThisCase are fine, and rust has structs that are in ThisCase but functions are in this_case which is how I like it :D