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Oct 2016
Sebastian Blei
Oct 31 2016 12:12 UTC
Anyone can tell me, how to get a Json::Object as a BTreeMap?
I created a Json::Object from a BTreeMap and now I will update the Json::Object with additional information.
Sebastian Blei
Oct 31 2016 12:16 UTC
Argh. I've thought, I've already tried that. But it was the into_object fn I've tried. Thanks @Albibek
Oct 31 2016 13:48 UTC
hi all: maybe off topic but still asking: updated my atom editor to 1.11.2 and now it keeps compiling all crates/libraries everytime instead of only compiling the changes of my source. I am using it with build-cargo 0.19.0, linter-rust 0.6.0, racer 0.20.0 and language-rust 0.4.8.
Pete Hayes
Oct 31 2016 14:56 UTC
Ah, you made the same mistake as me - linter-rust and build-cargo do very similar things. Both build your project, but have different flags. You end up compiling twice for every build.
Also, if you build manually from your shell, it’ll likely cause a rebuild of all your dependencies too
There’s a ticket on linter-rust about this. I’ll dig it up after I tell my oven to stop beeping at me.
@fstuess Here’s the ticket: AtomLinter/linter-rust#77
Oct 31 2016 17:34 UTC
@petehayes102 thanks will take that into consideration. this group is really top!!