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Nov 2016
Nehal Hasnayeen
Nov 24 2016 06:05
i'm facing problem on string concatenation, can anybody help ?
Nehal Hasnayeen
Nov 24 2016 06:17
@ozkriff thanks mate
Nov 24 2016 17:41
Does anyone know if ssh2-rs supports authenticating using pem file
Nov 24 2016 17:58
Hey, I've been trying to setup 'examples' for a project, but for some reason I've been having trouble finding a way to get it to work. How do the examples in <project_dir>/examples run? Whenever I try to set up my examples I get a syntax error which says my crate cannot be found. Basically, the crate for the actual project I'm trying to make examples for. Anyone know a quick fix? thanks.
Dave Hylands
Nov 24 2016 19:14
@colindjk Your examples are like an external app and need an extern crate statement for the example
Here's a small repo with a lib and an example: You run the example by doing cargo run --example example-name (example-name is the name of the .rs file minus the extension)