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Dec 2016
Pavel Meledin
Dec 02 2016 00:36

I have one just generic question about rust + windows + DLL. Let’s say there is some DLL which implementes some API to external system. Unfortunately that’s the only way to interact with that extrnal system.

Is Rust fully / easy supports DLL integration ? I was just roughly googling but found that some DLLs might not work and it’s kind of not officially supports

maybe someone knows what’s future plans current state of this direction ?
Peter Atashian
Dec 02 2016 03:19
@btbvoy Rust can be used to create DLLs that export functions with the C ABI just fine using the cdylib crate type, and it is also able to call C functions from external DLLs if you link to the import library for the DLL.
@btbvoy What cases have you seen where Rust's DLL support is currently lacking?