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Jan 2017
Kibeom Kim
Jan 31 2017 18:47
@pthariensflame thanks!
Jarred Nicholls
Jan 31 2017 23:08
@alexcrichton Is there a tokio/futures driven libssh2 out there somewhere? just curious.
Alex Crichton
Jan 31 2017 23:10
@jnicholls: I've got libssh2-sys and ssh2 crates, but those long predate tokio
@jnicholls: so it's probably take some work to get those working w/ tokio
Jarred Nicholls
Jan 31 2017 23:11
@alexcrichton sure, roger that. no worries, was just wondering. thanks! thrussh is out there and promising, but being based on ring it has basically no support for older openssh servers, which is the vast majority unfortunately.
many threads are in my future...